Friday, October 2, 2015


In the early '90's, when I was constructing my world dominance plans for two of my bands, Sacred Reich and Sepultura, I made a tour just for them called The New Titans on the Bloc Tour. We did a 2-3 month long US run and played a show in Venezuela. I think there was a Mexico date added, also. It was very successful, and broke the barriers for Sepultura, to be fully introduced into the US Metal scene., with a step up from clubs and into theaters Also on the bill was Sick of it All and Napalm Death.

Getting ready for tour


Sick Of It All

Sacred Reich (great mosh pit!)

In Allentown ,Pennsylvania, we had a bit of trouble with the crowd. Some mace got in the air of the pit and all hell broke lose! I found out later, it was sprayed by one of the crew dudes, just looking after his band.

Iggor and Andreas

Sepultura Arise Backdrop

Iggor on drums

Biohazard was on this show, as an added act. Great times!! I wont bore you with a repeat of my old lesson about this tour, but I will share sone photos from the archives...

pooped out..and onto the next gig.

Class dismissed....