Friday, August 29, 2014


First lesson of the day....I would strongly suggest that anyone who reprints or reposts MY blog, stop distorting my words. I really don't recommend sensationalizing facts, just to draw viewers and bullshizzle comments that are in no way reality! Some of the events in my life should not be tampered with.... This blog is about the truth...

Now, back to my Students, who, by now, know me very well...attendance is free will and no bullies please! I would like to dedicate this class to our son, Richie, whose birthday was this week and release of his new cd, UP IN HELL, is fast approaching...

Richie and Dana fishing, (1995)
Since Rob Halford gave the Kiss of Metal to a newborn Richie Cavalera, Richie has had only one be vocalist in a Metal band...straight up, no detours! If I had known earlier, what I know today, Richie would have started a band in his early teens, but I was still forging my way through the death of Dana and the absence our our beloved Sepultura in our lives. I was trying to hold myself together, carry Max up from despair and keep our family strong through wicked odds that were against us. I was also in the midst of solving a murder...but that is another story..

Richie as Al Jorgensen, (1993)
Richie had made his appearance on the cover of Atrophy's Violent By Nature, at the age of 4. He next popped up, shredding some feedback on Nailbomb's Point Blank recording and then again, he poured his heart out on Ozzfest with Soulfly, singing Fred Durst's verse on the track, Bleed. He was always full of energy , creative instinct and never afraid to hit the stage.

Atrophy and Richie photobombing

Greg Hall and Richie

Richie in jam pad practicing for Nailbomb

Richie singing Bleed with Soulfly in 1998

Once he presented Incite to me, I knew he was on his path. I absolutely loved every song they cranked out and began developing their stage performance on tours by adding them as the opener. The road life is something you need to prune, to cast off the dead leaves and work yourself into the best performer you can be. The problem with developing new bands is that many young bands want success to be delivered at your door, all bundled up neatly, but that isn't the way the biz must pay your dues.

The lack of patience, the life on the road and thirst for overnight success usually weeds out the musicians that really should not be in the business. For this reason, the early Incite had flexible stability. Throughout the label years, one person stayed by Richie's side, even leaving to have a baby, but never truly leaving...Dis McAllister. The man behind the groovy riffs that explode suddenly in a wrath of mosh-sweat! This, combined with Richie at the helm, made Incite a serious force to lay down their road in the Highway of Metal through history.

INCITE lineup 2007-2012 (Photo credit Glen La Ferman)
The band has always had a huge amount of energy and positive faith. This enabled them to take surprises, like lineup changes, with stride , and look at it as polishing the band, fine-tuning it. One tour, Incite even drove in a Toyota 4 door sedan, after trouble arose with their travel arrangements!! And don't forget, little Spanky was there too...But back to the lesson..

I will tell you now...

IScream was the label for The Slaughter, the brilliant debut of the band. Unfortunately, the label was in a crisis, unknown to us, and soon the band was free to move on. All Out War came out on a new, rising label, MinusHead Records, which was imbedded in the San Francisco music scene, and headed by the master, Brad Hardie.

Brad had a strong belief in the band, and released All Out War to critical acclaim! The label was spawning its life at the same time as Incite, and they both grew together. It was fantastic working with someone who loved the band and was so full of energy and support for the project. Brad wasn't afraid of taking a chance on a young band and the newest release, Up In Hell, has proven to break all boundaries, for the label.

INCITE 2014 (Photo credit Glen La Ferman)
Now, with a solid line up and a real label, the band is poised to contribute to the halls of Metal!! Determination, youth and real life issues are the message of Incite, so get your pit shoes on and prepare to Incite to the highest level!! It's how we survive, Up In Hell!!!!

Class dismissed...

Friday, August 22, 2014


Strange things happen to people in their life. This is a beyond comprehension event that happened to ME. Don't believe the garbage some sites chose to publish.... Believe the facts. I am running this class again, try to make some sense, of an unbelievable day. I am not allowed to print the message, as the FBI has requested of me. Calling me names because I opened up a private event is rather cheeky, don't you think? Distorting facts is also wrong. God bless the families affected by this tragic, perverse day. May this never, ever happen again.

Good morning my Students, people of the tribe,  people of the world…  Did you know that a terrorist called me on the early morning of 9/11, two hours before the attack on the Word Trade Center?  No, you didn't.  Did you know that your's truly is in possession of a voicemail message from 9/11 that is equivalent to the Zapgruder tape of JFK's assassination?  No, you didn't.  Why?  Because the FBI, the 9/11 Commission, The Washington Post, CNN, and everyone else in control of our information decided to bury it.  I have carried this ever since that dreadful morning in 2001 and I will not suppress it anymore.  People need the information…

I wake up early, before 6:00 am every day, but on September 11th of 2001, it was a morning I could never forget.  I went into my office and I saw the light blinking on the caller ID- strange for a call to come in the middle of the night, but I could see that a couple did- a pizza place in New Jersey.  Weird.

I went outside a grabbed the newspaper noticing Michaels Jordan's face in the corner.  It was an article about a press conference scheduled for that day.  Going back in the house, the phone rang in the kitchen.  It was my mother calling bright and early, "Turn on CNN Gloria."  I asked, "Why?" - "Turn it on honey." Click. She hung up.

The shock filled me as I saw the tower in flames, the smoke billowing.  Running through the house, I woke everybody up and went to the TV.  Before our eyes a second plane struck the second tower.

A few hours later, I went to the office and checked my messages.  A scary, creepy messaged slithered in my ear.  WTF?  This can't be.  The caller was slow, rehearsed, a message of unbelievable proportions.  Although I didn't realize it at the time, it told a three-part story of wicked betrayal of the American people's trust.  It told the past, the present and the future of our world.  A prophecy with a chilling message is there, taking residence in my voicemail.

I went to a pay phone at the Safeway near my house and dialed the FBI hotline number that was on the CNN ticker at the bottom of the screen.  A woman told me to preserve everything about the phone call and that somebody would come by to check it out.

I preserved.  I waited.  I waited.  I called.  I waited, I called, I called...And called...and called...Many things happened on my end as I tried to get this information to someone.  I recorded the call and put it on a CD.  I then did what any good manager would do;  I asked our booking agent to book a tour for Soulfly to New York City and to New Jersey.  This gave birth to the Static X/ Soufly US Tour in 2002.

My students, did I also mention that the call came in at 6:30 am EST, from 30 miles outside of Newark Airport?  Did I mention that I uncovered a pay phone company that was related to the call?  Did I tell you the message is one and a half minutes long and the caller called twice.  Did I mention I took a Policeman with me as I visited each of the locations connected with the call?  Did I tell you I met with the Terrorist Task Force in NYC?  Did I also mention that the Policeman had called me a couple months later and told me that one of the places we visited was the apartment of one of the hijackers of flight 93?  I still find it unbelievable, and I know that you must too.  It's not our usual class but I told you that I had a few surprises...

And what's even worse??? Part three, the prediction and future visions mentioned in the call- many deaths for many years.  A huge debt for America, someone talking with a crooked jaw (co nance), social security being cut...  HOW DID THE CALLER KNOW?  Why, simply put, he "listened" outside the apartment.

This is my life.

Anyone interested now?

Class Dismissed...

Friday, August 15, 2014


When you give birth to a child, you never ever dream of burying them. You only see the dreams you have for them. You see that little innocent face and only see hope and the future. When the Grim Reaper takes them from you without warning, the empty void is never filled in again. Years pass and life becomes livable but that shock never truly leaves.

Dana, 11 years old

Dana with Sepultura

Dana with gas station dude in Brasil

Dana and me partying with Faith No More!
Dana's death was compounded by the fact that a code of silence wrapped it like a blanket. This silenced many....but not everyone. In the dark of night, I received visitors that told me the truth, the betrayal of 'friends' and the lies that were spun. It took 4 years to learn the whole truth. It even took a visit to a gang members home....yes, I did it all. When the truth was laid bare, the authorities started their own cover up, protecting their own and letting murderers walk fee.

Dana predicted his own death caused by an 'accident.' He wrote of it in his journal, his view of his future was grim, at the least! He made a will in case of an early death and included it in his writings. Such thoughts swirling in the head of a 20 year old, should not exist!

Dana at the Louvre
Yes there are many mysteries but today, all the puzzle pieces fit now. The truth will be told and the responsible will be held accountable on Earth and beyond!

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And in the meantime, join us to celebrate Dana's life! He is another Metalhead branded at the time of death by the detective on duty that fateful night. The DAs office can hide what they will but the truth will one day be laid bare and all will see clearly.

More Dana Stories:


Dana D-LOW...Growing Up Metal

Class dismissed...

Friday, August 8, 2014


At the beginning of 2005, Max ad I travelled to Moscow to record with the Russian artist, Paul Filippenko, of the band FAQ. I was on a rough ride as it was only a few weeks after our family lost little Moses. Dark Ages was in incubation and there was no stopping the process. We went to Belgrade, Serbia to spend Christmas and from there travelled to Moscow.

Russian street

Red Square with Kremlin in the background. That's me taking a picture of Max,  taking a picture of me. 
I know Russia has a dark wrap right now, but all things are really made of 2 sides, right? My history goes back to the Revolution and I have always had a feeling of comfort being around the Russian/Serb culture, growing up raised in the fashion of the strict traditions of my Mother. Max has accompanied me on my search for my roots and he decided it was time to bring the flavor of Russia into his music.

Max in front of St. Basil's Cathedral

Red Square
We have known Paul and Zhanna Filippenko for many years and I credit her with developing the Russian Tribe following and bringing their love of Max to the table. She was our promoter in the early days of Soulfly and our deep friendship has only gotten stronger through the years. They even took us to our first opera, THE TSAR'S BRIDE. It was actually killer to watch and the art of opera is now something Max and I have a smidgen of!

Max and Paul went in the local studio and knocked out the track in one afternoon. They even used a Russian balalaika in the song! The sing was a bit of a controversy as it referred tp old lyrics about politics. They wee wondering if it could ever be played live, but it has swept in the Russian Metalhead's ears more than once now. Sometimes the past just has to be accepted!

Max and Paul creating

A bit of sightseeing was next...we even went into Lenin's tomb in the Red Square! Jet lag and work came over us like a flu and we crashed at our favorite hotel, Hotel Ukraine. It is one of 7 giant Ghostbuster's type buildings that Stalin built on the 7 hills of Moscow. Each building rises like the beanstalk, up to the clouds! They are now universities, government buildings and a hotel.

Lenin's tomb

Hotel Ukraine
When Max returned home, he invited Billy Milano of SOD to also lend his throat to the track. Billy couldn't travel because he was so busy, and sang into the phone! It really turned out great!

Students, there are many faces of our you see, some Molotov's don't destroy or break limbs...they shoot out from the deep growl that sparks out of Max!!

Class dismissed...

Friday, August 1, 2014


In 2007, Max and I travelled to Cairo to visit some friends and to record. We didn't have any particular musician in mind; we just had a dream. Our friends, Mo and Val Abdelaziz, resided in a beautiful apartment in the upper class area of the city and possessed a great knowledge of the customs and language, having lived in Egypt for some time. They also had free time so we visited many locations and restaurants.

We cruised to the Great Pyramids, and the Sphinx and stopped at small cafes and street vendors on the way. Chicken barbecued, pressed under a tin foil wrapped brick was common and succulent! Green falafel, so fresh and mouth watering, was sold on each corner. People were happy. People were accepting of us. We were the only people they saw the entire week in Egypt, who had colored hair, dreads and one else. Once, we saw a young boy with a skull on his shirt, but that was about it. The city was beautiful and busy. People going to work, going shopping, relaxing in hookah cafes; Egypt was bustling and booming. I watch the news now and see confusion, litter, looters, poverty...why did they let this happen?

Max and The Sphinx
The nightlife was colorful, lit up and musical. We took a boat down the Nile and had dinner while dancers twirled around us. The streets were packed with cars, honking and driving with no rules in place. There was action all around us, on every corner. We visited a hookah bar up high on a cliff overlooking the city. It was warm out and the golden red sun was setting below us.

Val, Me, and the kids inside the Mosque

The Cairo Museum of Archaeological History was next. Here we visited room after room of sleeping mummies, even little baby mummies and tiny little sarcophagus!! Golden objects evicted from years of tomb nesting were everywhere. I never realized how many mummies there must have been! It was a dream to walk through the corridors lined with statues of Gods and animals.

Max recorded sounds on the boat and from the street and it added spice to the then unreleased Conquer album. We bid farewell to our newest conquest and adorable hosts and boarded the plane to Russia. Siberian music or Cossack.....?

Class dismissed...