Friday, June 27, 2014


The year was 1998 or thereabouts...System of a Down was beginning their world takeover and Snot was luggy-ing up the countryside!! Soulfly had been born from the smoldering ashes of what was once Sepultura and they all came to meet in the hills of America, one fine summer day!

Who could ask for more? The crowd was filtering in early and anticipation was high, since all 3 acts were making a big splash in the Metal pool! We had the kids in tow and our tour was packing the Tribe in!! Everyone was anxious to see what had been created from the split!

System invited Max to sing with them on their early set time. Many artists will not come out before their set because they think it looks bad for their show. Max is not one of them. He plays with who he feels like, when he feels like. This particular day, he felt it!!
He rocked the socks off the crowd and Snot was up next. The brilliant frontman, Lynn Strait, did not let anyone down! I will always have a soft spot for Lynn, since he helped me deal with the negativity of the split. Soulfly played with Snot many tours and Lynn always went out of his way to give me love and encouragement. I miss him always. It is rare to find such compassion as he showed me!

Soulfly pounded the ground with their assault next and then moved on to the next city.... More conquests to come! My dear sure to go to all the shows you desire seeing, because life is unpredictable and you never know when your favorite artist will not make the next one....

Class dismissed...