Friday, January 19, 2018


There are many stage dives in the mosh pit world. The first one I ever did was in 1985 at a club called Rockers, in Phoenix. Like the adventurous person I am, I was pregnant with Richie and the band was Megadeth! Yeah, I was always a bit daring. I was at least 6 months pregnant and it was more like a leap into the crowd, than a dive. I have since launched off the stage in the old Dynamo Club in Eindhoven, Holland and the legendary Marquee in an idiot, in a black dress and during a Sepultura show! Since then I have tamed myself down and tried to look like a manager/momager. Let's go back to a Motorhead show in Germany...

Motorhead was kind enough to add my bands on several tours through the years. My first trip to Europe was on a Motorhead Christmas run, in 1988. I also took Sepultura on a couple Christmas tours with the mighty MH. This particular tour, Max was in a drunken, launch mode one night and I was right there and able to photograph it in sequence! Couple rules..leave your guitar, don't take the mic, have someone to get you back on stage and don't wear jewelry like a cross Ozzy gave you or a gold lion with emerald eyes ring from your wife. They will get snagged by someone, and take the fun out of the launch.

This night, our tour manager, Jim Lockyer, was there to save the day and get Max back on stage to complete the song. Smooth... It usually pumps up the rest of the band and someone will go with the flow, like Iggor did! At the end of the set he kicked his drums over, into a big pile of metal and wood..something I never will have the thrill of doing! It must be fun because Zyon sure seems happy when he carries on this tradition!

After this kind of rocket powered set, be sure to do more crazy stuff and enjoy it! You can always say you didn't remember in the morning!!

Class dismissed....

Friday, January 12, 2018


In the mid 1990's, I got Seputura on an Ozzy North American tour. We were all super excited and we had a blast throughout the tour. As the run began its last days, we heard rumors of a Black Sabbath reunion happening at one of the California dates. Heck yes we were pulsing flames!!

We were all spread out from the bus to the dressing room, when one of the crew came to find us...."Black Sabbath is sound checking under our backdrop!" It didn't take us long to haul ass out to the stands to capture this moment!! And that's exactly what we did!!

Class dismissed...

Friday, January 5, 2018


When I grabbed Dana's lyrics and put them in my purse, I had no idea that the track, Head Up, would one day in the near future be a reality.  I am certain Dana is marveling, some where in a far pff land!  Chino took those lines and turned them into a lyrically potion!  Max birthed the name Soulfly as a continuation.  It was all meant to be.  In the end, the Deftones turned friendship and love into something that will march into the ages.  And let's not forget Zyon's little innocent but a bit naughty face, giving us all the Bird.  Birds gotta fly free, he says to this day!

Enjoy these unreleased photos. You can feel the energy, the emotions, the art, that was swirling around us like a mist at that time.  You can see the satisfaction of everyone in the end.  The cool Master, Terry Date, the satisfied band and the thin, grieving Mother.  It was our reality.

Class dismissed.....