Thursday, September 26, 2013


  • In the fall of 1995, a couple months after Igor was born, Max and me went to see Rage Against the Machine at a club in Phoenix, called The Grind. It was a big room in a very nice area of Phoenix, on Camelback Road.
  • After the show, Max, Dana, our friends Mark Corona, Mouse and me split for our car, which was parked across the street in a mall parking lot. We must have been a sight...Max and I had no shoes on, loosing them in the club. I had cut-offs and a Dead Horse "Satan Kissed My Dog" shirt on, green hair blazing. A car came around the corner and almost hit us. We all gave them a big "F#@%! You!" To our surprise, the car flipped around in the street and pulled up next to Dana. Dana leaned towards the car slightly and said "What's up?"
    Mark in Jamaica at his home...
    Can you imagine our surprise when the jock got out with a metal bar and whacked Dana so hard on his arm, it flattened him to the ground! Next Mark got a crack on the side of his head that knocked him flat. I stood there screaming. Mouse was hauling ass to find reinforcement. Max was the next vicim. It took a good crack right across his back to stop him. The jock got back in the car and next....gun shots at us!!
  • The car flipped around and zoomed off. Max jumped up and grabbed a brick from the construction zone in the middle of the street and flung it at the car. No luck for us though....the rock hit the window of a convertible stuffed with more jocks, that just happened to come around the corner. The shooters got away and the new jocks were heated because the rock had done a nice job of shattering the windshield of his shiny car. The driver was like "What the..." At this precise moment, I saw Max connect with the jock's jaw in one of the cleanest power punches I have ever witnessed!! The police just happened to fly around the corner at this time and boom...we were all arrested!!

  • The officers let the shooters zoom off to the horizon; the jocks whined about the jaw slam and windshield; Max, Dana, Mark, and me all ended up in separate police cars. The police found the bullet hole in a parked car. Of course, with our looks, we were branded the culprits. THe road was blocked off with yellow tape. Everyone from The Grind was watching the commotion.

    After an hour and half of pleading with the police that we were the victims, they began to realize they had the wrong people in custody. They went car to car and told us they were letting us go. They came to my car and told me not to get wound up. I was free to go but the "big guy" (Max), was getting deported. Max had a green card but they did not care. Of course, this freaked out already-wound-up-enough-to-spin-loose Gloria.

  • The very large officer let me out and what did the wildcat do? Why I body slammed him away from me so I could run to Max's car and tell him to call me collect when he got to the cell. This action was not so smart because 5 officers body-slammed me on the back of a police car and I was hauled into Max's car and we were taken to jail.

  • Waking up in a holding cell with 20 other chicks who were in various states of sanity was quite an experience. I was a big attraction and officers kept viewing me through the big thick window of the cell. Yes, I was an animal in a zoo. Apparently, girls brawling in unstable mental states was no big deal compared to my hair, tatts and outfit. Fighting and cuddling were not on my agenda and I was thankful when I was released 15 hours later.
  • Once home, Max and I collected Dana and Mark and went to the doctor for treatment. The wounds were serious. Dana could barely use his arm and Mark's noggin was as big as a watermelon. Max had a perfect imprint of the metal bar across his back.

  • I went to court later, for assaulting a police officer. I didn't know at the time of my shove, that it was so serious. The judge was a fair judge and asked me why I pushed an officer in uniform. My reply? "I was mad!" The DA wanted me to get 30 days in jail, but the judge was FAIR. I got a fine of $100 and the charge cleared from my name. Max was never charged. Neither were the jocks who shot at us Metalheads.

This experience is memorialized in the Attitude video. Why do you think Dana was fighting the jock......???
Class dismissed....

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Mexico City has always had Max fever. First, the Sepultura thirst, then Soulfly, and lately, Cavalera Conspiracy.....I accompanied all 3 bands there. To give you an idea of the depth of the fever, one time when we got off the plane in Mexico City, a man came up and said he named his son, Dana! That's deep, Students..

In the early 1990's I booked the Seps in Mexico City and also arranged a meet and greet the day before. The meet was in a sort of flea market, bazaar area that had several small shops. 4 hours later, 4000 fans signed and many bottles of tequila later, we passed out at the hotel. It was the biggest instore signing session I ever did with a band!
A Star struck fan lol

Me with Carlos (Promoter)
The promoter did a great job! If I remember correctly, his name was Carlos. The show was in the wrestling arena in Mexico City, and it was stuffed with the wildest Metalheads you can imagine! It was a wild show from the first riff to the last stage dive. Max was out in full force! In his upcoming autobiography, (collaborating with Joel McIver) you can see a photo I took from the stage of Max launching in the crowd!
Max's tech Goody working away!

Of course, such a killer show was commemorated backstage. This lead to a shake-up of the dressing room. Right before The Point Of No Return, we all scattered to parts unknown. Max and I ended up in a tiny local canteen, hanging with the "regulars." The only problem was...we weren't the normal type of regulars!
Destroying the dressing room...
One shot lead to another--did I really drink a shot Max had spit back in the glass??--and before I knew it, Max was wearing the damn devil mask someone gave him in the dressing room. This did not sit well with the Catholic hearts of the neighborhood. I heard the name FEDERALIES at the same time a Good Samaritan leaned in my ear and whispered "Better get out!" Before the night turned into Dusk Till Dawn, we escaped with our laughter and lived to tell about it!!

Pass me the salt and lime now....
Class dismissed....

Friday, September 13, 2013


Zyon was a beat before he was born. You all know that by now, Students. His heart thumping deep inside me was the opening notes for Refuse, Resist on the legendary Chaos AD album. Yes, Max came with me to the doctor appointments and recorded when the doctor would listen with the maternity stethoscope. Max carried a DAT machine for quite some years and recorded all sorts of sounds. I am sure the glorious second of Zyon's first appearance is no doubt somewhere in my gigantic boxes of video tapes, but today, I will spare you the details...

Zyon was brought home to a Nailbomb house. In a move equal to slight of hand, he transformed a couple months later into the little Sepultura mascot and crossed the Atlantic Ocean with us, to cuddle in between the recording of the Chaos AD record in Wales at Rockfield Studio. His little crib was in the same room Ozzy, Robert Plant and Freddie Mercury all laid their heads, when they recorded at Rockfield. By this time, Z was already spouting his Doo Doo Dah beat, that we all mistakenly thought was a riff.
statue on the THAMES RIVER

Taken to concerts, held by rockstars, instructed by Metal Gods, sleeping on road was all part of growing up a rock kid. There was nothing out of the ordinary. As Zyon saw music in his life every day, he began to develop his own talent. I thought he would be a front man, and I think one day, he will be one..he had some badass moves by the age of 2, but he always had the drumsticks in his hands or was drumming on his chest. You can see his mischievous face and talent of birdie flipping at a young age, on the booklet for Around The Fur, by the Deftones.
Z with Robert Heaton (RIP), drummer of New Model Army

Paradise Lost
Napalm Death were especially fond of Zyon. Mitch even changed Z's poop diaper in our living room, when Zyon was very new! I would tease Shane that we were naming Zyon Genghis and Shane would stress out!
Mitch and Shane of Napalm Death
Tel Aviv, Istrael during Territory video filming
Roots run deep in our family. It was Zyon's destiny to drum with his Father one day. It was inevitable. It is something you wait for; you dream of..but you never know if it will happen...and then it does! Zyon didn't walk into Soulfly. He lived it; he earned it. He gave Max back the feeling of looking behind him and feeling a musical connection so strong, so REAlL that no words are ever needed.........just like Iggor does...

Class dismissed.....

Friday, September 6, 2013


It must have been 1991 or early 1992...a few months before I got pregnant with our little Z, when Max and I went to the Metal convention, Foundation's Forum. Damn that was the most fun convention on earth...too many parties, rock stars and whacked goins-on spilling onto the streets! It was so delirious, Max checked into the hotel under the name Michael Jackson, to avoid the many fan's phone calls to our room. We were in the "We are sneaking around together but ready to spill the beans any day" time of our lives.
Max, Me, and the kids
One of the nights, we taxied into a venue to see the highlight of the convention..a show with Temple of the Dog, Soundgarden and I think the final band was a brand new Pearl Jam. We were raging when I noticed MooseMan from IceT's band, Bodycount, walk in the backdoor. I left Max and flew over to him...I had a mission!
I knew Max's brother Iggor loved Bodycount and when I spotted this badass beenie on Mooseman's head, I had to have it!!! I didn't know MooseMan, but I knew the aura that followed him. Cop Killer was out and one of the most controversial songs anywhere! Max couldn't believe I was practically mowing this dude over, who I didn't even know!

I don't know what he thought of the green haired, tatted lady running up, but he didn't flinch. "Can I have your beenie?" He definitely raised his eyebrows at that, and a very pretty little girl came to thug me up!! "I don't want your man; I want his beenie!" I explained that my friend loved Bodycount and I would get serious points if I could just hand over that beenie to him. MooseMan was too cool....he smiled when I asked what the big deal was. He whispered "I am having a bad hair day!!" I laughed and said "no way, brother, you can't have that! You are in Bodycount!! That shizzle just doesn't apply!" He took off the beenie and handed it over saying "Twenty bucks..I gotta get something." That was all cool with me! I had a frikken Bodycount beenie!!!

Max and climbed in a cab back to the hotel. I tried to bribe the driver with $50 so he would take us on a tour of South Central. He tried to kick us 2 wasted fools out but of course, we were glued in and not going anywhere.

Some months later, on the MInistry tour, we ran into Bodycount again. Helmet had to sit out a couple shows and were replaced by IceT's band of brothers and we got the chance to be friends. We were one crazed posse!!!
Bodycount and Sepultura
Class dismissed...