Thursday, September 24, 2015


We have always been fans and friends with Slayer. They were super cool to us on tour, on festival dates, and also when Tom came in the studio to record Terrorist, with Soulfly for the Primitive recording. Their wives are cool and basically, we are all members of the same Metal family.

On July 7, 2002, we were both booked on the Montreux Jazz Festival. We were the first Metal bands to ever perform for the legendary event. Montreux, Switzerland is a beautiful city on the edge of Lake Geneva, the Swiss Riviera. The festival spares no detail and the day couldn't have been any better!

On this particular tour, my parents accompanied us, along with our family and the band and crew. Max and I took my Mom to search her footsteps during WW2, and her youth in Yugoslavia. We even went to the concentration camp she had been held in! The funny thing was, the bus companies in Europe had all run out of buses and when we arrived, we were delivered 2 buses with seats! This was the beginning of the famous Bunk War Tour......everyone trying to construct bunks on the seats and under the seats, with plywood, air mattresses, cardboard and just about anything scrap we could find!

We grinned and bared it and crossed the shows off the itinerary, one by one. In the backstage of the Montreux show, the dressing rooms were sectioned off with cloth screens with metal ceilings. All the bands were in the same giant room, which had the thin dividers. Close quarters, but nice and clean. My Dad was chilling in the room, hanging with us, listening to everything going on. Dad was always a hardcore supporter of all things Max. He once told me that Max was the most perfect person he had ever met! To make long story short, they were great friends!

Anyway, back to the tale....Someone from production came in and mentioned that Max wouldn't be able to throw water on stage, like he had been doing his entire career. This gave Max a bit of a start and my Dad got alarmed. He listened intently, and when he couldn't take the lingo, he belted out..."Who is this Slayer? Want me to pop him in the mouth?" You can imagine the explosion of laughter from all of us, imagining my Dad brawling with this man called Slayer! We all cracked up but then freaked a bit when we realized Slayer was on the other side of the screen! We still laugh our asses off, whenever we think about my Dad's outburst that day. He was ready to throw down!! Dad was keeping it real!!!

2 wild friends

me and my dad...

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