Friday, December 9, 2016


As the kids grew older, I noticed they were all naturally musical. Richie asked Santa for a microphone when he was 4, long before we knew Max. Dana had a drum kit in his bedroom, growing up through his grade school years and we all know the story of how Zyon's first word was a beat! The music I grew up with was Mom singing Kay-Se Ra, Se Ra, and Cossack drinking songs!!

As the boys grew up, they began to focus on certain abilities, whether it was lyric writing, vocals, drumming, riffing, repairing and/or, organizing. We all say Igor got the best of us...organized and musical, book penning and riffing..both worlds neatly tucked in his brain lobes. They all have the management know how, having been on the road with me for years. Christina is my right hand and consultant, having been on the road and in charge of the production advancement of all my bands and their gigs. When we arrive and everything is sorted already, it is thanks to her! Roxanne was my ATM ( assistant tour manager) in her teen years. She was stuck to me like glue from birth on and settled wth me at most all the gigs. Now, she is heading to law school..which we all need lol!!

Zyon is a master drummer. Max says Z is the only drummer he knows, who never plays the same song the some way twice. Max laughs when others say "oh, I do that too," as he says it's so rare, and not really common at all. I believe Max as all he does is listen to bands and watch live gigs. He is a walking textbook of Metal!! Zyon also has an alter ego...he secretly makes beats. If you are part of his crew you know his various names, but if I spill them here, I will get my ass chewed!! He works hours every day on his beat making and one day, I can see him making it his career.

Richie is the vocalist of Incite (MinusHead Records). You have most likely watched their evolution, as they have toured with Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy, Devil Driver and many other great acts! He was always a rebel with his mohawk hair at the age of 3 and it was about this time that he appeared on the cover of Atrophy's Violent By Nature, Roadrunner Record's release. He soaked up the management skills like a sponge and when he isn't on the road with Incite, he is with me, kicking ass and taking names! He also runs our merch on the road and is in charge of the ordering, designs and vending.

Jason is the behind the scenes son. Caring for Joe Nunez was his first road dog gig and since then he has guarded the stage for Zyon, Tony Campos, and Johny Chow. He looks after me with precise care and prefers to stay out of the spotlight. He can fix anything! We also call him the Punisher sometimes as he is not afraid to grind someone!! All of my sons believe solidly in women's rights and they are all protective of me, in all situations.

Igor is the 7th child, the 5th son. When he was born, Dana said he would be the doctor. Multi talented, not only can he write riffs like Max, but he is wise and organized. He is logical and also has the kickass memory some of us inherited from my Mother's Russian ancestors. He reads like a maniac and writes novels like one, too. He started his first book at the age of 15, and you should be seeing it published in the very near future. Killing My Insomnia is the title and also an affliction many of us, in our family, suffer from. We try to put it to good use!

A few years ago, to develop this young talent, I came up with the idea of the Maximum Cavalera Tour. I was surprised by the success of it, to tell the truth! Since we started, we have done over 25 weeks in Europe, the UK and Russia, and countless months in North America. Soulfly, Incite and Lody Kong, growing and raging worldwide for the Tribe's enjoyment!! On the last run in Europe we added a special guest, King Parrot. I plan on doing more runs like this and actually have a super secret idea in mind as I write! Come check us out when we are cruising through your city!

Friday, December 2, 2016


Students, we have explored many cities, countries and memories together these last 3 years!! School started out wth 350 students each week and has grown to 25,000 to 80,000 a week...God, knows where they all sit!! Today, let's take a peak in the Hard Rock's archive vault and see what's hidden!

A few years back, Max and I were invited to go check out the Hard Rock Cafe's archives. If I recall correctly, he was doing an interview smack dab in the middle of the vault. As a result we were invited to peak around at some of their most valuable possessions!

There are so many Hard Rocks around the world and each is packed with memorabilia from every artist you can think of! In Madrid, one of Max's smashed guitars adorns the wall, and another white BC Rich is tucked away somewhere on a display or warehouse we have yet to discover!

Max really loved the vintage guitars and the stories they told, stories of wear and tear, long nights on the road, and screaming fans! Stevie Ray Vaughn, BB King, Little Richard, The King was all there to soak up! Kurt Cobain's guitar and his personal artifacts were also favorites......forever embedded in music history. Some day, some young rocker will be holding Max's ax and dreaming of where it was, what it saw and how it wailed!!

Class dismissed......

Friday, November 25, 2016


I think the year was 2004, or 2005, when Soulfly and our Tribe travelled to Serbia to record 2 videos. My daughter, Christina, was living there and had made acquaintance with a TV show producer, Mira, and through Mira, we were connected to a killer production team. They did television commercials and short independent films, and were able to get us access to locations we could not channel to, by using traditional routes.
We first went to a small village called Golubac, and made the Carved Inside video. It was recorded in an old castle ruins on the banks of the Danube....but that's another blog...

Mira suggested we record at a bombed television studio in Belgrade, as she worked for the channel, and could get us access. Of course, it was bombed by the Americans... It was a bit dangerous and haphazard due to the fact it was not reconstructed after the bombing and lose objects were everywhere. It seemed like a fitting location for a track like the upcoming Soulfly, Frontlines.

This was in the time of Max without a hair log growing out the back of his head, Joe Nunez on drums, Marc Rizzo with hair and what's his name on bass....(fabricator and misogynist, dare I say?). It's my blog, right? I aim to tell the truth through it... Max had a gas mask on for a good part of the day, and stock footage aptly showed scenarios that we wish weren't true, but unfortunately are.

At the end of the day, we had 2 prime cuts, a new experience and even some education, in a sick sense. We decided to wrap it up peacefully, spiritually and with hope, so we all made the trek to the majestic St. Mark's Orthodox Church, where Max and Marc laid the hate down and covered it with the carpet of ambient serenity. Ahhh, the world was back to normal...

Class dismissed......

Friday, November 18, 2016


Max and I have visited Istanbul many times. The first time we got off the plane there, we didn't know anyone and we explored the city peacefully. Max made several recordings of street sounds and these are found on Dark Ages' Fall of the Sycophant. We checked out the Great Bazaar, the Hagia Sofia, and the Blue Mosque.

The Hagia Sofia was my favorite, having once been the center of the Orthodox religion. After the city was overthrown, ages ago, it was remodeled into a mosque. Max recorded workers clanking their hammers and this is found on Touching the Void, also on Dark Ages. The hammer's echoes bounced around the giant dome and made a vey interesting effect. We also loved the ancient mural showing Mother Mary and St. John the Baptist pleading with Jesus to stop the coming Armageddon. Jesus didn't look very happy.

The Blue Mosque was very impressive and we found the interior to be fascinating, with it's tiled walls. We had to remove our shoes as we entered. On the way out, when i made a "donation," I was told I had 10 tickets to Heaven!

The city is very interesting, situated on both continents of Europe and Asia. Lots of fine shopping, landmarks, museums and delicious food, can be found in all the nooks and crannies of the city! It is a metropolis with a long history, some of it quite bloody!

Since that first trip, I have brought Metal music to Turkey, in various theaters, outdoor festivals and even a club or two! One memorable show was a four hour drive to the middle of nowhere, and there were still fans!!

Let's not forget the fashionable Max Cavalera Store and it's elegant haute couture clothing!! We were quite surprised to learn of its existence! Once, we visited it and really enjoyed meeting the owner! You can check it out on Instagram!!

This week, we will once again walk on exotic soil, as we bring the Return to Roots show to the fans!! For that hour and fifteen minutes set, the Tribe will be as one. All the same emotions come together, moshpit action, singing along and head banging. It's the universal language in our life!!

Class dismissed.....

Friday, November 11, 2016


We have been to Greece many times. I took Sacred Reich there first, then Sepultura and Soulfly. During the Greek recession and time of difficulty, we were not able to get a show there, other than in Crete. Don't get me wrong, as we loved Crete and its exquisite cuisine and ancient ruins, but we were denied our Greek Tribe, and that hurts!!

The first time I took Sepultura, Max and I were still sneaking around, keeping our affair and growing love as secret as possible! That was in the days of his extreme alcohol saturation and as you know, Greece is famous for its Ouzo! The promoter, Nana, took us to a super cool restaurant after the show, and of course, Max arrived blasted. I had barely cut into my wrapped grape leaves when he announced we had to get some fresh air! I spent the next 30 minutes wandering the streets of Athens, wishing I had a lasso! I finally found our way back to the restaurant and sat back down, when he erupted and barfed squarely in the middle of the restaurant, spraying the floor and everyone around him! I was super pissed but the promoter had sympathy for him...which didn't compute, to me!! Lol

We returned years later, with our family in tow, even our precious cherub, Moses, was with us! The city was preparing for the Olympics and there was action all around us! We hired a cab driver, who just happened to have mad respect for Americans! He gave us the super secret tour and eventually deposited us at a restaurant, owned by his friends. We were treated to trays of live fish to chose our meals from and warm espressos after.

Next week, I return to Athens, bringing my Return to Roots tour to the Metalhead Greeks. We are all excited as heck! I will be looking for the Tribe in the crowd, so don't be afraid to give us a shout out!! And... keep the Ouzo in the cabinet!! LOL

Class dismissed....