Friday, June 21, 2019

GROWING UP GREEN! Wake up!! Wake up!! One more peak in the past before we head to Europe!

In the early ‘80’s, when we had the Bootleggers’ Metal Club, the first foreign bill of bands we were discussing bringing over was the package of Celtic Frost, Voivod and Running Wild. Their agent sent me a really cool press kit and I was surprised to find these photos in Igor’s scrapbook of Dana’s memorabilia. These were from 1985. The police stole the club before we were able to confirm the dates and the rest is history!!

After the club was taken, I dabbled in promoting shows at other venues. One of the bands I brought to Phoenix was Nuclear Assault, who became close friends with our family. They even stayed at our house a few times, which drive the neighbors into a frenzy!

Atrophy was a band in Tucson who I discovered from their demo Chemical Dependency. I got them a deal with Roadrunner Records and for one year they were the number one selling act at Roadrunner. One of their albums, Violent By Nature, featured a 4 year old Richie Cavalera on the cover, which was designed by the amazing Paul Stottler. I still love their music!

I will be going to Europe tomorrow for 7 weeks with Soulfly and a couple grandkids in tow, so be sure to check out my blogs which will take you on tour with us!! Thank you all for sharing!

Class dismissed...

Friday, May 31, 2019

GROWING UP GREEN!! Wake up! Wake up! More D-LOW scrapbook treasures!

This week, Dana would have been 44 years old...gone longer than he was here. . On our trip through Igor’s scrapbook of DLOW treasures, I came across this ancient poster and photo.

For one of my besties, Debbie Abono, I made a tour with Sacred Reich and added Debbie’s new act, Forbidden. When the show got to Denver, our agent asked if a new band could jump on the bill. I took the chance and added Faith No More. The crowd didn’t treat them kindly though, so Billie Gould ended the set with a bass thump that seemed endless!! We were like whoa! What a master!! It was slick!

We marveled that Faith No More was about to be on the Metallica tour and were traveling in a van! So boss! We all know what happened after that tour...

Class dismissed!!

Friday, May 24, 2019

GROWING UP GREEN!! Wake up! Wake up! More D-LOW scrapbook treasures!

As the pages turn, more posters and photos to share reveal themselves. This photo of Max and Co. was taken in a favela in Brazil. You can’t safely roam about in these shanty neighborhoods. Just a quick dose with security and out.

These posters represent a tour I made in support of the Chaos AD record. It was an explosive tour, detonated by good times and Metal!


Class dismissed.....

Friday, May 17, 2019

GROWING UP GREEN!! Wake up!!! Wake up!!! Fudge Tunnel...the lost photos!

Let’s continue with our time travel and share these official promo photos and posters. Did you know the Grey album has tracks written about my daughter, Christina? That exquisite track, Grey, was one of them. Enjoy these vintage gems and find that record!

Class dismissed...

Friday, May 10, 2019

GROWING UP GREEN!! Wake up! Wake up!! Let's go back in time to Nailbomb!

Recently, I found a scrapbook I made for my son, Igor, in 2001. I had stuffed it full of photos, laminates and fliers of Dana's collection of memorabilia. When I browsed through it, I was shocked at what a treasure trove Dana had! I am gonna make the next few blogs from this scrapbook. Share the photos and old school posters with our Tribe!

These rare promo photos of Max and Alex Newport were taken by Kevin Estrada in 1994. He really captured the essence of Max and Alex and their Nailbomb persona! Kevon took the guys to a club called The Sun Club. It was located in Tempe, Arizona and had been lit on fire by a sneaky arsonist! It certainly made a cool location! These photos are extremely rare and the whole set was in Dana's collection.

Enjoy and share!!

Class dismissed....