Friday, August 10, 2018


Dana introduced us to Machinehead’s Logan Mader at the Dynamo Festival in 1995. Logan was in the Machinehead dressing room at the time. We instantly became friends! When Soulfly 1 was released and Lucio was unable to tour with us due to having his own band, it was natural that we asked Logan to join us. We felt spiritually connected to him.

Logan was with Soulfly until the unfortunate, early death of Snot’s Lynn Strait. At that time he left to form his own band, called Medication. Logan never appeared on a Soulfly record but he brought a memorable look to the stage, and we stayed good friends.

Around 2008, we heard Logan was producing records in a studio off Melrose in Hollywood. I worked 5 releases with him...Incite’s The Slaughter and All Out War, Soulfly’s Omen, and Cavalera Conspiracy’s first two releases, Inflikted and Blunt Force Trauma—all classics!!!

Logan’s demeanor is consistently smooth and I enjoyed every path we went on! He is a solid pro and a trusted friend!! Logan is also a father of 5!!! Time marches on!!

Class dismissed....

Friday, August 3, 2018


When I met Max, I was a single Mom with children. One of the things he told me at that time was how he loved the way I cared for children the bands I managed, strangers. He told me that soon after he met me, he knew I would one day be his wife. Of course, I never thought that!! I was quite successful at the time, a workaholic with many bands, and he was unknown, outside of a small circle. I never had a crystal ball, but he did! A seer in Brazil told him he would marry a foreigner, so I guess in that respect, he was one step ahead of me.

Yes, his gift is sitting in Phoenix, but this blog is his gift too, from me, with love. Many of you know the man in the magazines, on the web, on the radio and youtube, but the real Max is not only this. He is much more than music. He is a visionary who sees what has been and what can be. He lived under military rule and oppression. He saw starvation, and homeless, parentless children, in between the adoration of fans. He saw his wife smothered with misogyny and death at every turn. He saw Metal fans accused and prejudiced. And what did he do? He stood up. He stood against tyranny. And he stood for human rights. If you want to know Max, read his lyrics. They are all personal.

Max never flinches when I hand him the phone and say "talk to this man who is dying from cancer." Or "talk to this teen who keeps getting in trouble." Or "talk to these parents whose daughter died. " Or "talk to this man who has bells palsy." And I hand him that phone often! He loves his Tribe, his family, music and God. Happy birthday, Max. Our family and our Tribe is blessed to share Life with you. Love you more than forever.

Friday, July 27, 2018


After Soulfly and Logan Mader each went their separate ways, I called Mikey Doling and asked him to fill in on lead guitar. He was struggling with Snot’s loss of Lynn Strait (RIP) and was emotionally happy to join in. I had a nice spot for Soulfly on Australia’s Big Day Out festival tour, just the perfect mood elevator for everyone!!

No sooner was the band onstage, when some prankster threw a larger than normal flashlight at the stage, splitting Max’s forehead wide open! It’s amazing it didn’t knock him out! What did my beast do? He never stopped for a second. He gave his Tribe what they wanted....a roaring set! The blow to his face knocked his teeth out. Did you know he replaced his front teeth 11 times? I guess you can say he took one for the team...many times over! All were from stage divers and crowd surfers knocking the mic into his face.

The light of the tour was our young son, Igor. We literally did walking meet and greets with him! He had this curly flowing hair and big compassionate eyes! Two years old and soaking it all in!!!

Max was on stage tearing it up! Igor was attracting fans like Walmarters on Black Friday and me? I was on the land line conquering the world! Just like any good Dragon!!

Class dismissed......

Friday, July 20, 2018


Soulfly 3 is a rarity, with one of the longest Soulfly tracks on it, Tree of Pain. Max invited a young vocalist from Phoenix, Asha Rabouin, to sing on the track, and did she ever belt that tune! Asha sang from her heart, since her brother Kamal had suffered an early death. It is the Bohemian Rhapsody of Metal, in my opinion. Long and deep, soulful and compassionate. Her voice is so silky and mournful at the same time.

This record was the first record Max produced on his own. We went to the newly relocated Chaton Studios and recorded with Otto "Rusty" Dagnolo, a longtime friend, who had also recorded Nailbomb. I found the studio when I set up the Flotsom and Jetsom demo recording.

Max became a US citizen only a couple weeks before and then 9-11 happened. This seriously affected the lyrics on this record. There is a minute of silence on the track 9-11-01, Call to Arms with Danny Marianino, and the Sacred Reich cover One Nation, all representing the turbulent, confusing times.

The fun moment in this recording was when we brought Zyon, Igor , and two of their close friends, Jade and Noah, in the studio to record the Pledge of Allegiance, to be used as the intro to One Nation. We actually took them to NYC when Soulfly played Roseland. These kids found their courage and walked out in front of a sold out crowd and recited the pledge in front of a mosh pit frenzy of Metalheads! I do recall they punched each other once or twice as they walked out..something to do with their placement on stage LOL!!

Class dismissed.......

Friday, July 13, 2018


The video for Seek and Strike was made in the yard of our home we cal The Mountain House. Sean Lennon penned the lyrics to Son Song there, with Max. A track about John Lennon written by his son, written there! I could only dream of something like that! Killer Be Killed was given birth there. Joe Nunez's first show with Soulfly was at Roxanne's Sweet 16 Party at that location. The Mountain House soothed the children's loss of their brother. It gave them adventure romping through the desert and creek bed. When you walk in the front door, on the floor is a giant carved word...CAVALERA. There is a secret Soulfly logo tucked on the tile in a corner of a room. Many many memories there..

When it came time to make the video for Soulfly 3, Max chose the desert location to be in our yard. 6 spacious acres offered all types of terrain. The only problem was the 110 degree heat that decided to smother us that day! Never fear, as we Arizonans are tough stock when it comes to dry heat! We gathered our Tribe and off we went!

For drama, we painted the faces of everyone with Soulfly logos and tribal paint. Our friend, Ray Nugent, has a large Soulfly logo tattooed on his back; perfect for this occasion! Throughout the day, they all ran through the cactus, up the inclines from the creek bed and the band played on!! We even had a visit from a rattlesnake!

The end of the video was the final gift! Everyone perched on the massive bedrock popping through the volcanic rock and a water truck sprayed everyone with the coolness of the tank! Did I tell you that our property and home is smack dab in the middle of an extinct volcano? Located at the foot of Pyramid Mountain, the last house in Unincorporated Phoenix, also a positive vortex location. It has the vibe that caresses your spirituality.

Please don't ask what happened to the snake!

Class dismissed....