Friday, August 9, 2019

Growing up Green! Wake up! Wake up!! Let’s ferry the English Channel!

I have been crossing the English Channel with an assortment of my bands since 1989, when I first ferried with Sacred Reich. Since then I have lost track of the many ferry crossings and Chunnel crossings. The Chunnel is the railroad tube under the Channel. I admit once our bus was too big to get in and we accidentally shut down the Chunnel and made the CNN News!

We always look forward to the food, the money exchange and seeing the white cliffs of Dover at the end of the journey! England knows how to throw down to music! They also love a good pint and rain does not ruin their day! And they accept all people, Mohawks, piercings, orca suit and tie, it’s all business as usual. Let’s check out the ferry!

No journey is complete without the fish and chips!

And when the white cliffs appear you know you’re done! It’s amazing that people swim this waterway! Rough seas and freezing cold! On to Bloodstock!

Class dismissed....

Thursday, August 1, 2019

GROWING UP GREEN! Wake up! Wake up! Happy birthday, Marc Rip and Shred Rizzo!

Today we will be celebrating Marc Rizzo’s birthday in Slovakia! One half of my Lennon and McCartney, one of our frontline, loyal to family and friends, super self disciplined and full on New Jersey! I am blessed to walk through Metal during the era of Marc Rizzo!

When a vacancy opened up for Soulfly’s lead guitarist, I was talking to Monte Conner, who had mentioned that Marc was recently available. It took me two seconds to set my sight on him! His superb skills and that emotional flamenco driven Metal was a perfect fit for Soulfly! I swear his guitar is part of his torso!! He arrived with his backpack stuffed with magical mojo and a ninja kick that could knock the teeth out of Bigfoot! Soulfly was complete!

Marc has a sense of humor that fluctuates from dry to dark to a rant! Myself being super trusting, he has tricked me a few times lol!! Talking about rants....let’s go to Russia, on the plane with KORN. Marc was in top rant formation one night as we travelled in a private plane across the Russian tundra. He left us all breathless, with guts so sore from laughing! It was a night to remember and we do! I won’t go into the gory details but when we walked off the plane, KORN’S ashen faced crew dude looked at Max and said “you guys like to keep it real!”

We have shared 15 years together, with Marc releasing the Kraken on stage. He wears many hats, like Max, being in Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy and the Return We have shared happy times, frantic times and sad times. And we look to the future! After all, who can forget the soulful solo on Mars? I can’t! It’s timeless like a fine Italian wine! Let’s toast Marc today! Tougher than 20 Chechnyans! Just ask him.....

Class dismissed.....

Friday, July 26, 2019

GROWING UP GREEN!! Wake up! Wake up! Street Art!

This blog doesn’t need text! Traveling throughout the planet, street art is rich and plentiful. The world should be creative and our senses should be activated daily!! In Sweden, there was interactive street art and Max and Jadore made the most of it! The world is unique!! Keep it so!

Live a little! Let your senses breathe!!

Class dismissed....

Friday, July 19, 2019

GROWING UP GREEN! Wake up! Wake up! Inciting the Cancer Bats!

In the early 2000’s I did a show in Copenhagen, Denmark at the Pumphuset. I have done shows in that venue since 1989 when I first had Sacred Reich there. It’s an older stone building with a kickass outdoor area, situated in a busy area of the city.

One year when Soulfy played there, I was lucky to have time to check out the opening act, a Canadian band called Cancer Bats. They were badass!!! I made sure to meet the guitar player and tell him that I felt they would be successful if they kept at it. And they did...

Some years later, Incite got fortunate to be offered some UK gigs with the Cancer Bats. Shizzle got real and now, fast forward to 2019 and both bands teamed up again to molten the UK with their Metal!

Liam Cormier is rad AF! Super chill and a Goliath on stage, he commands his ship like a warrior! I’m calling on our UK Tribe to gather our savages and check this tour out! Don’t be delusional! Get caught in the mosh!

Class dismissed...

Saturday, July 6, 2019

GROWING UP GREEN! Wake up!! Wake up!! GBH and Max Wrangle a Wall!

On the Arise tour, I know it was Texas...maybe Houston...the tour entourage and Colin of GBH ended up in my hotel room partying. It seemed like trouble, so I went outside to scope out the hotel. When I returned, Max and Colin were playing a ginormous game of tic tax toe on the wall with a Sharpie.

Turning into Party Pooper, while adding up damages in my mind, I tried unsuccessfully to break up the party. I decided it was hopeless so I went out to sleep in a lounge chair by the pool. Bright and early, I woke up to a tap tapping on my Dr Marten’s. The security was pretty cool but God knows what he thought about a leather jacketed, dyed haired woman snoozing by the pool.

I went in my deserted, trashed room and observed the remains of a game gone sour. I couldn’t sneak out and feel good so I went to the front desk and cut a deal to pay $222 for one wall to be wall papered. Quite a fee in the early ‘90’s!!

Class dismissed......