Friday, October 23, 2015


Fall break, Easter break, Christmas break, we missed so many national holidays, we made our own time for breaks and they usually came in between tours. Staying close was Max and my priority. Some people in the past got pissed when we had our own bus. They wanted the teen age agenda to last forever, but people grew up. We made a family and dammit, nothing would stop us from having both our careers and our family.

We could never structure vacations because something would always come up and our plans would change. Once Max and I had even sent our passports to the embassy to get visas to Tibet and of course something came along and it never happened. Instead, we travelled while on tour, and visited many castles, monuments and other tourist attractions in the mornings when everyone else was still sleeping.

Me,Max, Zyon and Igor

Me, Zyon, baby Igor, and Jason
Another remedy to our dilemma was to take short little vacations whenever we could. This ended up being the best solution to finding a small escape from 24/7 touring and working. One year we even went to Kurt Cobain's hometown of Aberdeen, to look for his roots! The kids loved these short jaunts and it kept us all close. On top of it all, it was always educational for them. Fun with a hidden twist!

Zyon, Rox, baby Igor, and Richie
So today, my Students, let's take break, as the year has been long and the miles pass under my feet like blacktop under a diesel...

Jason, Me, and Igor

Class dismissed......