Friday, October 9, 2015


I have had a jampad at the airport for over 20 years. It has had a variety of Cavalera's and their tunes pass through its pages of history. Sepultura, Soufly, Nailbomb, Incite and Lody some point in time, they all spit on a mic in those cement block walls. Gear has come and gear has gone...who the heck stole the Crate amps...I am still pissed about that!


Sepultura had 2 storage units. with unknown, mysterious renters in the space in-between the two. After the Chaos AD tour, we had our mummy sleeping sweetly in the dark cavern, snuggled with road cases. The manager of the property called me one morning, and said to haul ass down there because the property in the middle of the 2 Sep units was on fire. By the time we arrived, our mummy had succumbed to the fire, which was caused by a pot farm that caught on fire! RIP...the culprits escaped without a scratch thanks to the fake identity they used to rent the space.

Max's BC Rich

Because the location is a bit sketchy, I have seen weirdness in all shapes and sizes. One evening, during a Sep rehearsal, a gang wandered in the open door. We all held our breath a second and relaxed when they wandered back out. Another time, Jason Rainey, rhythm guitarist of Sacred Reich, and I pulled into a gas station and saw someone get stabbed in the abdomen. We high tailed it outta there!!

Sacred Reich had a jam pad which was kitty corner from ours, for several years. It is now inhabited by our old friend, Bam Bam, the drummer of Jody Foster's Army, otherwise known as JFA. We run into him occasionally still.

Bands have come and gone through the complex. Parties have rocked the spaces and rain has flooded the doorway, seeping up to the bottoms of the Peavey cabinets, but we still can't let it go. In 1996, when we returned to the jam pad, a couple days after the fateful Brixton Academy show had been filed into the past, Max found the jam pad mysteriously empty and much of his gear gone missing. Since then, we have managed to fill it to the rafters again!! One day, I will see my vow to clear it out come true. And you will be the first to know!!

Class dismissed......