Thursday, June 25, 2015


Sacred Reich was one of the first bands I seriously managed, starting in 1985. They were first released on Metal Blade Records and soon were advanced to Enigma Records, headed by the Hein brother..Wes and Bill. Sacred Reich sold quite a few records and soon all the labels were after them-Capital, Sire, etc, but the one that interested me was the new label Disney was making called Hollywood Records.

As I told you in earlier blogs, I hooked Sacred up with Metallica's lawyer. Peter Paterno took my call when I was just starting out and I worked with him on many projects. I respect and admire him greatly, and always was very impressed because he was so humble, honest, funny and real! One day, he told me he was resigning from law and going to head a label that Disney was creating. I walked into the label one day and took a 'Wish list" that I dreamt of and Peter approved it all! I even asked for Mickey watches for the guys and me and still have mine! One year or so later, another lawyer from Peter's law firm called me and told me he used my wish list for the Metallica contract he was working on. He thought it was funny, but I didn't particularly... But thats another story.

One day, around the time Peter was leaving the law firm, and I was busy connecting with another lawyer, I received an invitation for a party in the mail. It was just for me, no guest. An address high in the hills outside LA from someone I didn't know. I asked Peter what was up and he said it was a private party that was being given for him by a friend. I got my courage up, bought a plane ticket, reserved a car, and flew to LAX.

The car climbed up the hills to a fantastic neighborhood, overlooking the lights of the city. I felt like such a newbe going there....because I was! I can't recall the host's name but what a party it was! Who the heck should be there but Lars Ulrich with his wife, the original singer from Journey, Steve Perry, and some others from the law firm. I was so excited inside to meet Lars and wow...Steve Perry just chilling too! There wasn't really a packed house and I admit I kept flicking my brain to make sure it was real, when who should walk in??? My new lawyer, the beautiful Michele Anthony, with none other than Bob Dylan! This was getting serious!

Bob Dylan

Steve Perry
We were all whispered to not talk to Bob or drive him crazy and believe me, no one did! It was just a trip to see him, sitting on the couch chatting away with Michele! Now I knew I was really with the big dawgs!

Peter, Wiley Arnett, Sandy Rind, and Phil
The evening zoomed past with good food, good talk and lots of laughter. I remember someone plugged the toilets and a plumber had to be called, but even that was cool, haha!! When I got back home and told Sacred and my kids, no one could believe it! I still feel awe when I think about that private party!

Like a Rolling Stone.....

Class dismissed.......

Friday, June 19, 2015


In 1991 or 1992, I was on an extensive tour of Europe with Sepultura and missing the children. They were quite a bit younger at that time, and had sacrificed a good deal of Mom-time, in order for me to start my company. I decided to surprise them with a Europe!!. The tour was ending in London, so I decided to ask a nanny to fly them out to me.

Coming to Europe the first time is quite an Disneyland is everywhere around you! Everything is brilliant...changing money, different cuisine, old-as-heck architecture, battlefields,'s got it all! It's everything you dreamt it would be! Dana, Roxanne, Riche and Jason came to the Sepultura show, but the most fun was "the little box in the hotel room that shoots out coke!"

I have had many wonderful bus drivers in my 27 years on the road, and at this time, I had Bill Leonard, who I adore to this day! He drove us on the Sepultura tour and was headed to France to pick up another band in a couple days, so what did this Superhero driver do.....he offered that we could stay in the bus and during the day he would take us sightseeing around London!.. A private bus tour..this was great. So tour we did.....

Rox, Richie, Dana, and Jason

Dana, and Jason
Carnaby Street, the original Dr. Martens' shop, Winchester Cathedral, the Tower of London, the Crown Jewels, cathedrals and palaces swept by, under our feet. We saw tombstones of Florence Nightingale, Lawrence of Arabia, Dukes and Duchesses...... We ate shepherd's pie, fish and chips with mushy peas, and steaming cups of tea. I even managed a few pints of that lovely ale down me!

Bill took us on to Paris and left us at the Holiday Inn de Republic, in one of the main squares of Paris. We went to the top of the Eiffel Tower, visited the Louvre and saw the Mona Lisa! At night we ate French delicacies and the kids were even served shots of wine...of course, only Richie and Dana swigged the purple drank!

Dana, Jason, Rox, and Richie

at the Louvre
Early one morning, we went to the main train station in Paris, to catch a ride to the ferry, and head back to England. It was quite an experience as I had green hair then and everyone kept approaching me to buy ecstasy! I was happy when the train arrived!! It was weird to be thought of as a drug dealer, especially with the kids there, to say the least! When we finally got on the train, we could feel the conductor didn't really care much about Americans. He wasn't helpful and every American on that train ended up getting kicked off at some other tiny coastal town, far past our destination!! We all stuck together and eventually got on another boat, which crossed the English Channel just fine, and deposited us in the UK.

On the ferry
If you have a bushel basket of kids and work out of the country, sure, you can let someone else raise them...or you can be a parent. Call them every day. Let them fight over the phone. Let them complain and also, let them be happy. And when you can, bring them out and let them see what you do. You can juggle everything you want and if you want to work and have a family, both responsibilities are important. It wasn't easy, but it was worth it! Now there is FaceTime, Skype, and many other connections to make life easier. It's all the same in the end. It's how we made our family and started our Tribe.....

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Thursday, June 11, 2015


Yes, even the Teacher gets over loaded getting back from tour and 4 days later, leaving for 2 months... But its all good! I was going through some photos for my upcoming blogs, and found some cool shots of Max and Sep when we all first toured. Check them out...and I am going to pack!



See you in June, with Cavalera Conspiracy in the UK and Europe. Soulfly will be raging in the UK and Europe in July and August!! There are a ton of cool shows going down and I will keep you all in school....and interested!!


Dana and Iggor

Class dismissed.......

Friday, June 5, 2015


This Saturday, in Mexico City, Max and I will share our 22nd anniversary of marriage. Though our love began from the beginning of meeting each other, it was only after Zyon was born that we decided to marry. We both tried to deny the emotion, but one day it was at the frontline of our life. In Italy, in 1992, Max asked me to have his child and I swear the next day, Zyon was snug inside my womb. I thank God for the love we share, the family we have together, the Tribe (biggest and strongest in the world), and the pain we have suffered through.

Max and Glo, 2015
The great times were too many to recall, and the shocks were so severe, they still remain as scars from the sharpest blades. When the fence fell over and into the pool after our wedding ceremony, as we walked to the door, we both looked at each other and knew we had just stepped on board a roller coaster. Exactly 12 hours after our wedding, I stood next to a doctor and helped deliver my first grandson, who died shortly before birth. Do not cry or feel sad, my beloved family, friends, Tribe and Students...for this is life! It made us who we are. It gave us strength. We found our faith and held each other tighter. We learned true love, strength and compassion. We are able to help others who feel God'a sudden arrow. We love our children and grandchildren each second of our lives and never take anything for granted. Life is for living and as Dana always told us...LIVE LARGE!!!

Max and Glo Get Hitched!

     After Zyon's birth, we decided our home was too small and we should find a bigger crib.  Two blocks away, a large 5 bedroom house with a pool lured us in.  In no time at all, we were stretching our legs out in our very own home!  It was amazing to have a room for everyone!

     One day, Max wanted to talk, and asked me to marry him.  I was a bit hesitant; we got along so good already.  I did accept, like he knew I would.  You see, when he was young in Brazil, a woman who could often see the future...among other things...had told him he would marry a foreigner and have sons with her.  Max said he knew the minute he met me, that I was the one she was talking about.  I was surprised to say the least!

     We decided on a simple ceremony in our backyard.  We asked a justice of the peace to conduct the vows, and we both agreed to a church wedding later.  Recording with Sepultura was coming up in June, so we needed to squeeze the date in somewhere.  June 6 was the only date that was open for everyone to attend, so 6-6-93 was set for the Big Day!

     I asked Christina to be my maid-of-honor, and Max asked his brother, Iggor to be his best man.  Roxanne and Richie would follow and little Jason would be ring bearer. 

     Throwing a party is my specialty and soon the arrangements were steaming like a freight train!  Tents, tables and chairs, linens and china; it was all coming together.  I chose a catering company and soon we were rocking!  I didn't want a wedding dress, but something a bit wild, like our family.  I chose an imperial blue strapless gown that accented my green hair. 

Me Rox and Max

     The night before the wedding, we got a surprise guest, sent in as a gift from Cees Wessels, the owner of Roadrunner Records.  Jonathon Shaw, the most famous tribal tattoo artist arrived at our door!!  Instead of whacky bachelor parties, we got tatted in our home!  We loved it!  Max designed a tribal M and G tatt and we both got them on the back of our necks!

     The morning of the 6th, it got super busy around the house!  Deliveries, flowers, catering, everyone arriving early.  Our yard was kind of ghetto, since the house had been sitting empty for 3 years, but with all the set-up, it filled it up nicely.

Me and the Kids and Dad
Max Igor his Mom and Kira 
The children and I all met with my family in the master bedroom, right before the wedding commenced.  Hugs and a few tears of happiness were the guests.  Max and the others were outside, positioned under the 2 humongous eucalyptus trees.  The guests were arriving.  Cees, Monte Conner and others from Roadrunner and Blue Grape Merchandise Co. even flew in!

Tattoo artist tatting our hands
      Dad walked me out ; Dad loved Max so much and was so proud and happy that day!  The kids all followed and things went smoothly.  At the end of the vows, Jonathon Shaw took a tattoo needle and made a black dot on each of our hands.  We clasped our right hands, which formed a ying/yang and where our thumbs were, the dot was planted.

     Next...the Big Kiss and tada... we were married!  Photos and photos next and then the big party blasted off!  Food and drink into the night.  We were married at 6:00pm and partied for hours.  I was laughing my butt off at some of the Brazilian wedding traditions, such as the guests picking up each of us in a chair and carrying us around the yard.  It was a bit scary with drunken people hoisting you up in the air!

     I tossed the bouquet and next was the garter throw.  We told Max that in America, the husband has to take the garter off with his teeth and Max did!!  We all chuckled at our prank!

     Winding down, we said our thank yous and goodbyes, preparing to head to a resort.  Just as we were leaving the backyard, the fence around the pool fell in the last hurrah!!!



Class dismissed.....