Friday, May 27, 2016


In 2008, Cavalera Conspiracy went on a European tour. The first gig was in Madrid, Spain, at the Electric Weekend Festival. Rage Against the Machine was the headliner. We were all super excited about the show...that is until our driver got lost in the city for 8 hours! That really chucked us off and besides being late, we had no drinks or food, since we had gotten on the bus at the airport. It made for a real crabby start to the tour. The driver was sweating tears of fear and we were all tense as a patient in pre-op!

Picture by NoiseFull
Picture by Rodriguez Villegas

The show turned into a throw and go and before we knew it, we were chilling in the dressing room. Max and I had recently seen the movie, No Country For Old Men, and were still amazed with the ferocity of it. Javier Bardem had stolen our breaths away!

My friend, Sarah, came quietly to me in the dressing room and whispered if I wanted to meet Javier! I was definitely stunned! She said he was in the bar area. I definitely was going for this opportunity! She took me to a tiny round table in the outdoor bar, and there he was. Nonchalant, sipping a beer, all alone. He was nothing but a Cool Breeze! Sarah introduced us and I acted like a spellbound idiot, I am sure! But......I got my photo and a great tale!

I told Max and the others that I had met him. Rage started playing and we headed to the stage. Who should swagger past us? The cool, sinister, Mr. Bardem, talking on a cell phone! Max and Javier exchanged their "I am a fan of yours!" He was talking to his Mom on the phone and jumped in a Port-a-Jon (:)). Do I dare say we waited outside and when he came out, I shot the sickest photos ever of Max and our boys head banging with Javier as Rage raged in the background. Maybe one day I can find them...

Enjoy your long weekend, Students! BBQ, swimming, parties...and remember those you love and lost. Respect! Our school isn't out for the summer!!!!!

Class dismissed......

Friday, May 20, 2016


A couple years ago, Soulfly had the honor of touring Russia and Belarus with Korn. We were pretty excited to hang with them and having the opportunity to go to such exotic locations was even twice the thrill!

The promoter, Eddie Ratnikof, who did a great job of filling the venues, by the way, informed us we would all be traveling on a private jet! The only downside was taking a tiny duffel bag instead of a regular size piece of luggage, but it was something we could definitely deal with!

Once in the air, we were surprised the plane really didn't fly at a high altitude. This also resulted in less turbulence. Two partying stewardesses took care of us, on all the flights. They offered us an assortment of munchies and drinks...and alcohol. I must admit that plane got our the night of Rizzo's rant...or the bomb threat in the airport... All in good fun!!!

Class dismissed.......

Friday, May 13, 2016


This past January, as I was sitting on stage left of the Soulfly show at the O2 in London, a question popped into my always clicking brain. Uncle Iggor had stopped by the venue that evening to visit and jam a couple songs. He was now playing Roots and I was zooming back 20 years in my mind's archive. The 20 year anniversary of the Roots record is this many turns had surprised us on our journey!! All of a sudden, it was crystal clear to me! Why couldn't Max and Iggor play the Roots record live? Why steer away from their child? For God's sake, they both were ACTUALLY IN SEPULTURA 30 YEARS AGO!!

Last year, we did a very historical run with Cavalera Conspiracy, in South and Central America. Alex Palaia took us on our voyage to Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Columbia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Mexico. The brothers were the first Metal act to crush the borders and play in these countries of Central America. There is always a mad frenzy, as the fans catch their first glimpse of the brothers. Believe me, my Students, I have seen many a grown man cry at this sight! Sitting on that road case, on stage left, I decided that this Roots run would become a reality, enough reminiscing! Let's DO this!

I texted their booking agent and asked if he thought it would be something people would be interested in. He said he would ask around. After the show, I mentioned it to Max and Iggor, who seemed cool with it. On tour, Max always does a generous amount of press. It took him no time to let the cat out of the bag!! Within 3 days, I was flooded with email, messages and phone calls from people asking if it was true.

Now, some months later, the dates are being booked. The guys are getting ready to rehearse. All is good in Cavalera Land! This will only be a short run; a "get it while it's hot" tour. If you blink you may miss it! It's not something you will see often. Don't be shy! Return to your Roots!!! We are.....

Class dismissed........

Friday, May 6, 2016


Some years back. I heard about a store with Max's name as it's brand. We all laughed when we learned it was a clothing store...not just any clothing store, but a formal-attire outfitter!! Haut couture, no less!! I vowed to one day visit this store, and get the scoop! After all, how many rockers have a store that they have nothing to do with, named after them? Especially a shop in Istanbul, Turkey!!!!

We toured Istanbul many times, but never had the chance to drop in. Producing a show leaves very little time for me or Max to, daily shopping, set up, there is hours of organizing. On the Metal AllStars tour we had extra time each day, so when we landed in Istanbul, we knew where we were get some swag!!!!

Our friend drove us to a corner store, and there it was in all its glory! MAX CAVALERA, blazing above the entrance. We stepped down into the store, which was a bit like a sunken building, half the way down some stairs. The shop was stuffed with tuxedos, suits, socks, women's blouses, jackets, dress shirts, all colorful and emboldened with Max's name!! I will say we had an enjoyable laugh!!

The owner, whose name escapes me, but you can see him in the photo, explained that the original owner was a huge fan of Max's and named the store after him and also produced the clothing line. When he sold the store, the new owner left the name the same, as all the clothes had Max's name and the store was quite solid. He gifted us with swag and photos!!

The next time you go to Istanbul, check it out! The store also has interesting Instagram and Facebook accounts! When you are in the market for some Max Cavalera haute couture, this is the place to hit up!

Class dismissed........