Thursday, October 15, 2015


When Zyon was quite young, under a year old, him and I travelled to Israel with Sepultura to film a video for MTV. When Roadrunner chose the track Territory, I knew right where to go! I have always been interested in political situations around the world and what is happening globally, so naturally, I suggested to Max that we travel to the Holy Land to rock out. The centuries old, ancient battle for the sands of Jesus' time was, and still is, the desire of many to conquer and rule. What better place to take this track to? Max loved the idea and soon, off we went!

Me and Z , overlooking Jerusalem
The video production company was not happy to see a baby in the sweltering heat with a schedule from Hell, and did everything they could to force us to leave him in a hotel room. Knowing Max's addiction to his little mini-me, I would only just smile and jump in the van, Z in hand. Max would look at me with our all knowing gazes and we would just carry on!

Zyon with uncle Iggor 
The day was great and I saw so many things I had only seen before in books or movies. We were taken to a lookout road on a mountain and from the ledge, we could see Jerusalem in all its glory! We never got a chance to go there because there was great conflict within its high walls at that time of Life. I filed it in my To-Do List and yes, Max and I did visit it many years later when we played with Ozzy in the Ben Gurian Park in Tel Aviv!

The only problem throughout the day was when Zyon ran out of formula and water became scarce, while out in the desert filming. What did we do? Yes, I admit putting a wee bit of Pepsi in his bottle as we shielded ourselves from the sun under one of the settler's homes at the top of the Masada!

Bedouin man and his son

Sepultura with the Bedouins
We trucked on throughout the day, crossing sand dunes to sip tea with the Bedouins and ending with the salt of the Dead Sea burning the nicks on the band's legs. It was a brilliant experience, and I am very grateful to have seen such sites, in my career!

Andreas and Iggor at the Dead Sea

Class dismissed......