Saturday, May 26, 2018


In 2015, we all ran into Bodycount on tour at Graspop Metal Meeting, in Belgium. As Cavalera Conspiracy was leaving for a festival meet and greet, Bodycount’s tech and my friend, Oscar, told me Ice was asking for Max to join him on stage singing Copkiller!! My Metal heart broke as I told Max he couldn’t hit the stage. He was a bit pissed but hey....he can’t let the Tribe down!

Spin through time to 2016 and place us in Phoenix. Bodycount was playing at the Marquee Theater and we were on the side of the stage. Oscar invited Max to sing Copkiller, and my King got his wish! I will say that Ice never knew of this invite and almost collided with Max on stage! When he realized it was Max he was like “ Let’s destroy this f&$&ing place, Brother!!!”

A few days later, Max and I got invited to the studio to chill with Ice and the BodyCounts. Vince asked me if Max had some ideas to throw down with Ice. Does he know I have thousands of tracks, unreleased of course, stashed? We went for a visit and returned home with Max collaborating with his friends!

Now you have all heard the brutally honest track, All Love is Lost. Vince hit me up for some Max footage, so Zyon shot some vids in an alley in Milwaukee and boom! Ice Tea and Bodycount’s All Love is Lost video featuring Max Cavalera!!!

Class dismissed.....

Friday, May 18, 2018


Every band wants to play the Whiskey A Go Go on the famous Sunset Strip in Hollywood. You walk up on the corner stage and stand where Jim Morrison begged the LA Woman to Light My Fire. The same stage that Vince Neil molded his Motley Crue on. Most every band on the planet has gravitated to the Whiskey at least once!

The Whiskey has a history so rich and layered, that it deserves its own volume in the “Encyclopedia of Rock Music in all its Genres and Glory!” This is also where Metallica recruited Cliff Burton, after watching him play with the band Trauma.

The Whiskey’s balcony bar area has hosted more stars than Space and more clandestine parties than one cares to admit. It’s easy to look around and get swooped up by the action!

The walk up the back stairs to the stage and dressing room is always deep with anticipation. The dressing room area has been revamped and is waiting to lure you in! Let’s check it out!

The lure of the ‘80’s rise of hair bands and Metal in All Forms is evident from the minute you walk through the door! Memorabilia reminding us of Hollywood’s birth of legions of bands dot the walls. Relax with a drink on the plush red leather booths and get ready to leave your dna in the Legend of all Venues...!!

Class dismissed....

Friday, May 11, 2018


As you all know, drummers flip their used drum skins at shows, usually with only an autograph on them. Max has been taking several hours each day on Zyon’s drum heads, as he has always loved drawing.

When the boys were very young they would sit with Max for hours drawing what they called PICTURE TIME. I still have hundreds of these 22 year old drawings of monsters, super heroes, Korn, the Deftones, Fear Factory and Sepultura. Someday, when the road becomes weary and I force myself to go through our massive archives, they will be a book.

But in the meantime, hit up the merch booth for one of these rare, one of a kind Max relics! They won’t be offered forever!

Class dismissed......

Friday, May 4, 2018


I certainly cannot recall all the times I have been to Paris. The years that the kids were growing up, we tried to educate them on the road, by exposing them to as many sites and experiences that we could. That included visits to castles, exchanging money in various countries, sampling local cuisines and customs, visiting museums and yes, even going to concentration camps. When they grew up, these sights were filed away in their minds and the influences were running through their veins, but they couldn't always recall the specifics, because they were so young at the time of our strolls. We had to re-boot...

One of the places to revisit was the Louvre i Paris, France. Yes!! It is spectacular!! Yes! It is gigantic and filled with thousands upon thousands of pieces of art...creations by the Grand Masters...DaVinci, Michelangelo, Rembrandt....jewels upon jewels, Napoleon's suite recreated and even the head of John the Baptist!

You all know the crystal pyramid hovering above the museum, complement of the book, The DaVinci Code, by Dan Brown. You can even go on a tour through Paris and see the landmarks from the novel brought to life. It's all there for the illuminated! Open up your mind....

The Louvre is there for PEOPLE. A mass collection just for our eyes, our senses and our mind to ponder. Wear good walking shoes, make certain you have a few hours to dedicate and take some euros so you can enjoy the little coffee shop on the upper balcony. Espresso and a croissant...a must!!!

Yeah, the Mona Lisa is teeny tiny and the Venus Di Milo has lost her arms!! Regardless, they still have the opiate intact to draw everyone in! The most recent visit we made there included an exhibit of ancient Persian artifacts, which was super cool!! It is amazing to think about the fact that these creations were made with simple tools and a major amount of talent! People are capable of turning their dreams into their reality. Fact.

Class dismissed....