Friday, October 30, 2015


Back on the road with Soulfly, we often laugh about our wacky memories. Good ones, bad ones, they add up to the journey. Our kids have been there alongside the fans...all of us sharing Life together. Nearly-20-years-of-Soulfly-later, I still come across old photos. Some of the people here, some of them gone, but we all touched each other's lives.

Indigo session with Richard in the middle 

Maxs vocal booth with his personal items and percussion drums

Nacao Zumbi drummers

Richard Kaplan (RIP) and the crew of Indigo Ranch Studio in Malibu, were there for the crash of Max with Sepultura and they were there for the birth of Soulfjy. They saw Max stroll through the storm and walk out unscathed. And Zyon and Igor just played. It was all natural evolution.

Class dismissed........