Friday, February 1, 2019


Max and I always wanted to go to the Mardi Gras! All the parades and craziness is super inviting!! We watched that old Richard Gere/Kim Bassinger movie, No Mercy, so many times!! That swampy vibe... Well we got our wish! We were in the bus when all of a sudden a brass band started blasting outside our bus, drums pounding sprinkled with laughter. We looked outside and by God, there was the Second Line Parade passing right by us!!

Max decided we would walk to the horse and buggies a few blocks away and take a ride. I am allergic to horses lol, but what the heck, we wandered off. It was super interesting and our guide was really full of stories. The creepiest though, was the dude that came up behind the buggy, on a dark, street and started talking about a bloodbath of hung nuns near a church. Our driver got the horse to prance off quickly.

The streets were full of spirits wailing, beads gleaming and Saints shirts talking crap about the Rams haha!! I love walking through the French Quarter and hearing the crying of the blues coming out of a windowless pub.. And the food is drool-able, gumbo, beans and rice, sausages, greens and hot buttery bread. Throw in a Po Boy or two!

And now, here we sit in Ft Lauderdale about to take off on the 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise. No wifi hopefully haha..... See you next week, Students!

Class dismissed...