Friday, January 18, 2019


This year is the 30th anniversary of the year I met Max! Recently I found some photos from the first time I ever went to Brazil! There are only a few and the exposure sucks, but the record is there! I remember I went on a long ago airline that is gone now, Varig, and they served crab claws in coach! The good old days! When I arrived in Sao Paulo, no one was there to pick me up, lol. I had to change money and figure out the phone! An hour later, my friends scooped me up!

The journey was bouncy at times, but Max never left my side. We were lucky to be able to work together and share our lives with each other. We had each other to carry the other, to laugh together, to plan together. Well I admit, I planned a year or so ahead of his thinking and a couple times I did tell him to write a record and record at the speed of light! Take the boundaries away and the world comes in to view! Follow your dreams, Students! Every year is an adventure!

Class dismissed....