Friday, February 15, 2019

70,000 TONS OF METAL! Let’s DO this! Part 2

Let’s talk cruise ship! Metal 24/7 with the coolest clubs, shops, restaurants and jacuzzis all full of Metalheads!! After years of organizing the cruise, Andy and Co have got things down! The second day the ship held a meet and greet with all your favorite artists. I took Soulfly and Iggor and Tony, of Return to Roots, at the same time. The fans definitely liked that! I do admit they had this lineup had longest line and the meet didn’t slow down for one minute!

The promenade had cool shopping, some high end, some beachy and lots of restaurants and bars. The best pizza flowed out of the ovens like a constant gust! Damn that crunchy crust kept that line permanently long!

At night we watched Obituary. Max actually was able to blend into the Theater, wearing a hood over that well known tree trunk connected to his skull! Much different vibe than being on the stage!

We headed to our cabin but soon saw that an intruder had snuck in and was making himself company!

Class dismissed.....