Saturday, February 9, 2019

70,000 TONS OF METAL! Let’s DO it!

We met Iggor, Tony Campos and Iggor’s tech, Blake, at our hotel in Ft Lauderdale and headed to Port Everglade early in the morning. The most famous Metal cruise in the world awaited us! 70,000 Tons of Metal!

We sent our gear in and boarded, getting in the line along with thousands of other Metalheads, sprinkled with band members. Once last customs, we headed to our various cabins. Soulfly would play later in the day so we had to get moving!

Max sat down for a minute and look who was on TV! Our son Igor, belting out Bloodshed!!

A hawk glided gently over the port, several times passing our balcony. There were two of them circling near us. It was an amazing sight!

Soon after, the boat began its journey towards Haiti. Calm water and our own electric excitement combined as we headed away from the last dots of land. The ship called for an evacuation drill to Level 4, where the lifeboats hung neatly above us. I left Max in the room and evacuated myself. Lol! Last cruise I took him to the drill and there was a bit of mayhem!

No time for romping today! The crew headed to the Royal Theater to set up. The theater is indoors with different levels of seating and a super tall ceiling. Big roomy stage and lots of commotion! The show was a banger and the crowd easily filled the theater up! One problem...Zyon’s tech Kyle felt sick and got taken off the stage and to the infirmary. Diagnosed with pneumonia, he was quickly quarantined! But the show must go on!

Gear packed up, we went to our cabins and crashed. Some of the adventurous hit up the other stages and checked out the bars. Trust me! This cruise is definitely the definition of Metal!! Bands playing in the several clubs all through the hours of the day! Everywhere you look you see nothing but black clothes, logo popping Metalheads!!! Everyone is geared up and excited with anticipation of the days to come!!! And we were too!!!!

Class dismissed....