Friday, February 22, 2019

70,000 TONS OF METAL!! LET'S DO THIS!!!! Part 3

The ship docked on the shore in Haiti early in the morning. The cruise line had purchased a small tip of the island and turned it into a recreational area, with scuba diving, jet skis, parasailing, and of course shopping and food/bars. While the rest of the country was freezing, we were basking in the sun!

At night, as we were sailing again, Max and I went to check out Dark Funeral. Man, what a show they put on! They played on the outdoor pool deck. Some of the jacuzzis were open, on stage left, but the ones around the pool were shut down for the evening. What an exotic location!!

Max, Richie, Zyon and I went to a restaurant at night and devoured lobster and steak! Damn what a day! It was an adventure for sure!!

One remaining day on the sea left and it was going to be major league! The All Star Jam and Return to Roots closing our adventure! Stay tuned!!

Class dismissed....