Friday, March 1, 2019

70,000 TONS OF METAL!!! Let's DO this!!! Part 4

Bright and early on the last day of the cruise, we all went to the Royal Theater for Max and Iggor to participate in the All Star Jam. Iggor drummed on Black Sabbath, Sweet Leaf and Judas Priest, Livin' After Midnight. Max sang Motorhead's Overkill and Anvil's Metal on Metal. Members from Raven, Sodom, Carnation and many others hit the stage together.

Immediately after the Jam, we all went to a press conference for Zyon, Iggor and Max. It was pretty cool, with an interesting assortment of questions. It's always nice when people ask things that are not the same, boring questions. I have heard them all! At the end, we noticed an old friend, Barney from Napalm Death. He hasn't seen Zyon in a long time. We all laughed remembering that I wanted to name Zyon "Genghis!" Shane spent a lot of time trying to convince me otherwise!

Soon after heading to our cabins, Return to Roots and Soulfly got an invite to get a private tour of the bridge...the control room and master kush area of the ship's Captain! He is a fan! It was amazing, with a beautiful view! What a privilege!

Next up for us was the final Return to Roots show. The stage was outdoors, the Pool Deck Stage, several waterfalls, jacuzzis and pools were lit up, sparkling under the stars on the smooth Caribbean. The Tribe went crazy, as expected and our mission was done. USA bound!

We docked early in the morning. The sun was coming up and the water was like a kaleidoscope of color. Through the border and onto our bus, sweet bus. Big thanks to Andy, Allison, Vincent, Christian, Raymie, and all who made this adventure the Metal Cruise it is!!

Class dismissed......