Friday, August 26, 2016


The Roots' run took the fans by storm! I was contacted by so many fans, so many bands and so many promoters....everyone wanted the show! I had to divide the planet into 4 months and cover as much territory as I could, in that time block. Hopefully, we will do another run and make everyone happy!

I divided the planet into Sept-Oct North America....November -mid December Europe/UK and mid Dec till the 21st is South America. The schedule will be grueling and the shows electric!

I could have played it safe and just hit up big markets. Lots of nice venues, tons of access to press and easy for the fans. In the US, due to the festivals and the limits associated with them, we are playing smaller markets in some areas and taking the show to the fans, in all corners! In Europe, and the Uk, where there are numerous markets, we hit up most of the main cities and didn't have restrictions because there were no festivals involved. And then, Istanbul popped up.....

Max and I have gone to Turkey many times. We have explored the Grand Bazaar, the mosques, sampled the cuisine, strolled the Topkapi Museum, and even visited the Max Cavalera Store! Heck, 
we even took home a couple swank-ass suits!

Recent terrorism has cost people their sanity, made fear of flying stronger and the threat of suicide bombings very real. The recent arranged overthrow of the government and the state of emergency that moshed in like a wave, set Istanbul in a class to consider. In the words of Max....The fans there, need music now more than ever! Iggor agreed and I tied the knot.

If you don't see your city in the very near calendar, don't freak out! I will do the best I can to give everyone the opportunity to see this once in a career event!! The Cavaleras return to their ROOTS....with a lot of help from our friends!! We get by with a little help from our Tribe!!!!

Class dismissed.......