Friday, September 2, 2016


In the beginning of 1995, Max got the idea to get his neck tatted. He weighed many options...what the kid's schools would think, the pediatricians, things like that. We were always involved in our children's education, medical care, nannies, etc. We didn't want to make their live's harder than they were. We did run into a couple principals and teachers that didn't approve of my green hair and Max's ever changing looks. This vinegar taste they had, would overflow into our kid's school year, so we were always cautious. In the end, Max said he was going to get it and hide it when necessary....which was never! lol...

We hooked up with Paul Booth...only the best for the neck!! I was super pregnant with Igor and we were wrapping our Chaos tour cycle. What the heck? I jumped in the line too!

After we went to the Xavantes' tribe and recorded, Max decided to dye his hair red, having been influenced by the colors of the Indian's hair. I thought it looked awesome on him, and a good match with my green hair! It would be his symbol for the future Roots' tours.

We hooked up with Paul Booth, on one of our travels and made the trip to his studio. His assistant and model at the time, Barb, was there to greet us. We had Zyon with us, but I don't recall if Igor was with there. He was pretty young at the time and most likely was nodded out somewhere strange.

Max had a tribal design picked out, and I asked for an angel on my shoulder. Paul wasn't very acquainted with angels...I admit there is a bit of a dark twist to this fellow. In the end, Max and I happily sported our new ink together!! Keeping it REAL!!!

Class dismissed.....