Friday, August 5, 2016


This year will be 27 years that Max and my paths have crossed on his birthday!! It's been a kickass journey! We, amazingly, aren't sick of each other and we still share the same dreams. Birthdays are always a mystery in our household! We never know where we will be to celebrate!! Our son, Igor, must have had at least 4 birthdays in a row in various cities of Spain. He has only had 3 birthdays, out of 21, at home! I spent at least 3-4 birthdays at Ziggie's in Winston Salem. I don't know how they managed to end up there, but they magically did and we rocked the house!!

Max took his 30th birthday in stride and didn't freak out like many people do, at that milestone. it was his 40th year, that he wanted a bash! We were home in 2009, so we agreed to rip it up in style!

I ordered laminates and special camo picks for party gifts. If you are a pick collector and you mange to get your hands on one of those old picks, I suggest you keep it in your treasure chest. Very few were made and no one trades them!

The cake had to be special, and since Max is a Leo, a lion was in order!! BBQ, booze,, why not throw in a petting zoo, while we are at it!

This year, we will be walking around Amsterdam, looking for wickedness! With Marc Rizzo's birthday here first; Max's next and then Shonda's, we have much to celebrate!! This week is always a slam dunk!! Happy birthday, Max!! May the Spirits guide you!!

Class dismissed.......