Friday, July 20, 2018


Soulfly 3 is a rarity, with one of the longest Soulfly tracks on it, Tree of Pain. Max invited a young vocalist from Phoenix, Asha Rabouin, to sing on the track, and did she ever belt that tune! Asha sang from her heart, since her brother Kamal had suffered an early death. It is the Bohemian Rhapsody of Metal, in my opinion. Long and deep, soulful and compassionate. Her voice is so silky and mournful at the same time.

This record was the first record Max produced on his own. We went to the newly relocated Chaton Studios and recorded with Otto "Rusty" Dagnolo, a longtime friend, who had also recorded Nailbomb. I found the studio when I set up the Flotsom and Jetsom demo recording.

Max became a US citizen only a couple weeks before and then 9-11 happened. This seriously affected the lyrics on this record. There is a minute of silence on the track 9-11-01, Call to Arms with Danny Marianino, and the Sacred Reich cover One Nation, all representing the turbulent, confusing times.

The fun moment in this recording was when we brought Zyon, Igor , and two of their close friends, Jade and Noah, in the studio to record the Pledge of Allegiance, to be used as the intro to One Nation. We actually took them to NYC when Soulfly played Roseland. These kids found their courage and walked out in front of a sold out crowd and recited the pledge in front of a mosh pit frenzy of Metalheads! I do recall they punched each other once or twice as they walked out..something to do with their placement on stage LOL!!

Class dismissed.......