Friday, July 6, 2018


Primitive was an evolution in the Encyclopedia of Max producing records. He never sat at the board but he plotted the rest..the guests, studio, engineers, artwork, mastering, every detail. One of the photos of this time, one he loved the most, was taken of our son Igor with tribal paint on him. It was dramatic!

There were so many guests to arrange travel, contracts and recording schedules, which made my time tight, as well! Tom Araya, Sean Lennon, Chino Moreno, Grady Avenoll, Asha Rabouin and many others. I remember Chino walked in with a cd of rough tracks from White Pony, laying it on the soundboard and 30 seconds later, it was stolen!

Cory Taylor was playing a show and shot in an out of the studio. He crafted some of the meanest lyrics on Jumpdafuckup! He was ON FIRE that afternoon!!!

Max brought in a team of percussionists. He had never worked with Mei Noite before, but admired his style and work. He was invited to throw his shizzle down, along with Larry McDonald. Max met Larry when they both performed in Amsterdam, for the Crossing Borders spoken word event. Larry was a member of Gil Scott Heron’s band.

Things were coming together.. Max had build a comfort zone in his vocal booth and I was there to plot and make his ideas come to life! Even though I had that goofy haircut and Lol

But what a great tan! Enjoy your summer, Students! Catch up on classes if you are behind!

Class dismissed.....