Friday, July 27, 2018


After Soulfly and Logan Mader each went their separate ways, I called Mikey Doling and asked him to fill in on lead guitar. He was struggling with Snot’s loss of Lynn Strait (RIP) and was emotionally happy to join in. I had a nice spot for Soulfly on Australia’s Big Day Out festival tour, just the perfect mood elevator for everyone!!

No sooner was the band onstage, when some prankster threw a larger than normal flashlight at the stage, splitting Max’s forehead wide open! It’s amazing it didn’t knock him out! What did my beast do? He never stopped for a second. He gave his Tribe what they wanted....a roaring set! The blow to his face knocked his teeth out. Did you know he replaced his front teeth 11 times? I guess you can say he took one for the team...many times over! All were from stage divers and crowd surfers knocking the mic into his face.

The light of the tour was our young son, Igor. We literally did walking meet and greets with him! He had this curly flowing hair and big compassionate eyes! Two years old and soaking it all in!!!

Max was on stage tearing it up! Igor was attracting fans like Walmarters on Black Friday and me? I was on the land line conquering the world! Just like any good Dragon!!

Class dismissed......