Friday, July 13, 2018


The video for Seek and Strike was made in the yard of our home we cal The Mountain House. Sean Lennon penned the lyrics to Son Song there, with Max. A track about John Lennon written by his son, written there! I could only dream of something like that! Killer Be Killed was given birth there. Joe Nunez's first show with Soulfly was at Roxanne's Sweet 16 Party at that location. The Mountain House soothed the children's loss of their brother. It gave them adventure romping through the desert and creek bed. When you walk in the front door, on the floor is a giant carved word...CAVALERA. There is a secret Soulfly logo tucked on the tile in a corner of a room. Many many memories there..

When it came time to make the video for Soulfly 3, Max chose the desert location to be in our yard. 6 spacious acres offered all types of terrain. The only problem was the 110 degree heat that decided to smother us that day! Never fear, as we Arizonans are tough stock when it comes to dry heat! We gathered our Tribe and off we went!

For drama, we painted the faces of everyone with Soulfly logos and tribal paint. Our friend, Ray Nugent, has a large Soulfly logo tattooed on his back; perfect for this occasion! Throughout the day, they all ran through the cactus, up the inclines from the creek bed and the band played on!! We even had a visit from a rattlesnake!

The end of the video was the final gift! Everyone perched on the massive bedrock popping through the volcanic rock and a water truck sprayed everyone with the coolness of the tank! Did I tell you that our property and home is smack dab in the middle of an extinct volcano? Located at the foot of Pyramid Mountain, the last house in Unincorporated Phoenix, also a positive vortex location. It has the vibe that caresses your spirituality.

Please don't ask what happened to the snake!

Class dismissed....