Friday, June 2, 2017


Early in 1995, Max and I travelled to Amsterdam, courtesy of the Big Boss, Cees Wessels, the owner of Roadrunner Records.  Cees had a arranged a meeting with us, to hear Max's concept about the next release.  Max had hashed it over a zillion times with Monte, but this was a meeting with the Top Dogs.  Max rolled out the spread and presented his idea for the Roots record.  He had several songs on his minidisk and the title of the record.  He also had a crazy notion to record with a Brazilian Tribe.  The label battled with the Roots name, saying people would think  it was a blue's band, but in the end, Max convinced them.


To celebrate our conquest, and with a great deal of excitement flowing through us, we decided to hop a train to Vienna.  Max had a dream....he wanted to drink a bottle of wine at the doorway to Mozart's apartment and smash the bottle then and there.  Who was I to darken the mood?  Yes, I was about ready to hatch little Igor, but what the heck!  This sounded like a once in a lifetime spectacle.  Why miss out?



We trained it leisurely to Austria.  First stop Vienna, and then on to Salzburg.  Vienna has the flavor of the old world.  The city center with its local shops, and sauerkraut and schnitzel smelling beer gardens, is a savage location to spend the day.  Mozart was right around the block, too!


We discovered it wasn't just going to be that easy to drink wine at the doorway.  Max was intent on slugging it down, though, and breaking the bottle.  With people coming and going, it was  bit edgy.  By the end of the night, he had his sufficient buzz and the bottle came tumbling down.  I was relieved to get the heck out of there and move on to the next city.  Cross this off the Bucket List!!!  Sorry, Vienna!!!!!  I don't recommend my Students try this!

Class dismissed.....