Friday, June 16, 2017


Japan rocks Metal! We have been traveling there since 1992, and love every trip! Most shows in the past were produced by Udo Artists and the famous Mr. Udo. He was a G to the max and once even cooked our dinner on round, hot rocks at a Korean BBQ restaurant!! Every show we ever did with him was an art of perfection! Sadly, I never took a photo with him, but I will never forget his generosity and gentlemanly ways! We were very fortunate to work with him and his majestic operation!

Mr. Udo always treated us to fantastic dinners on our days off in Tokyo. Large, private rooms with low tables circling us and plushy pillow seats, accompanied the saki and delicate meals! The funniest memory I have of the dinners, was when the servers told Max his feet stunk too much and he had to wrap them in plastic bags! They tucked his shows in a faraway niche and grabbed some grocery store plastic bags to sink his paws into! We still laugh about it!

Mr. Udo had a very professional team assembled to run his shows. Talk was his tour manager and perfection was in his veins. He was thorough and knew the ropes. I admit, once, I drove him crazy. The original Citta Club in Tokyo had the entire floor divided into barricaded squares that held a limited number thrashers, approximately 10 or so in each one. I was thinking it was an insane idea and argued till I turned blue, to remove them. Tak went out and asked the fans what they felt about it and they were accustomed to it, so I eventually waved a white flag and let the show carry on.

We were always treated to a translator and a tour of the city, which we appreciated. The fans seemed to know where we were every minute! Mobs of fans were everywhere we went! Tokyo is a bit like a zillion Times' Squares joined together. People thickening the streets, and many are running!! Tattoos weren't favored back in the day, so Max and I would walk around in sleeveless shirts and colored hair just to get the local's blood pumping! You cannot sit at a hotel pool or visit any of the famous bath houses, if you sport ink. One of our favorite stores is called Toyland. You can find all the Japanese Godzillas, Ultraman and his family and every crazy Japanese monster available there!! It is a must see, if you go to Tokyo! Just be sure to pack new shoes!! You are eventually going to get hungry!!

Class dismissed.....