Thursday, June 8, 2017

SOULFLY RISES...1997.....BLEED!!!!!!

As Max gathered his senses, lyrics flowed like blood.  This was 1997, an ending that lead to a beginning.  He went into the makeshift studio in our bedroom, and came out with another masterpiece.  This wasn't the time for depression, or sinking the ship.  The world spread out before us.  We had nothing but each other and the children, minus one....but that one that was missing, was what gave us strength to carry on.  We cleared the stress and pain and turned it into power!

After I secured the new record deal from Roadrunner, it was time to put together a band and get on the road again.  We did everything we could to care for our family and to rebuild our life.  We were left with nothing at the end of 1996....a fractured family, no record deal, no band name, not one song, and no gear.  We had each other, and we had a dream to carry on.  From these ashes, Soulfly arose.


In the studio, I saw Max get stronger each day.  By the time the final note was recorded, Max had assembled an army!  The collaborations not only had savage artists, but each song had a meaning!  We anticipated amazing shows and getting back to some type of normalcy for our family.  I can now look back on these days with satisfaction.


I don't know who took these photos, or where I got them, but wanted to share with my Students.  The 20th year of Soulfly is upon us.  We survived the breakdown.  I pray, that along with music to mosh to, we can provide hope to people who have none.  When Life gets too heavy, don't give up.  Keep one foot forward and you will see the right direction.  The sky is always blue beyond the storm.  The hair in the mosh pit is always cleared the next day!

Class dismissed....