Friday, May 26, 2017


In August of 1997, Max and I had a memorial dinner in our Phoenix home. It was one year after Dana's death and we wanted to bring his friends and our family together, to celebrate his life. There was a lot of emotional activity buzzing around us, during that year, I will admit. The investigation into Dana's death was in full swing. Max had a killer record in his hands and a new band. Our family was slowly getting stronger. We were going to make it through.

As Max was completing his songs for Soulfly 1, he began to invite guests for various appearances. The guitarist, Lucio Maia, was a special guest, courtesy of Max's friendship with the late Chico Science and Nacao Zumbi. Lucio is one of the most emotional guitarists! His haunting guitars on Bleed and the other Soufly 1 tracks is beyond comparison. Lucio's guitar and his heart seemed entwined with our feelings. He was the perfect choice. Chino came to Arizona and contributed on First Commandment. Chino was very good friends with Dana. In fact, I gave Chino the rasta belt that Dana was wearing when he died. That's close. It was righteous that Chino was involved.

Dino Cazares dipped into the jumpad and went to battle on Eye For An Eye. Dino was a friend that was super tight with us, besides being a great Metal guitarist. He was the finishing touch. And in between Chino and Dino, there was Burton C Bell, Fred Durst, Christian Olde Wolbers, and Benji Webbe, each hand picked by Max. They all told the story. Keep you friends close, and ignore your enemies. Give them a bit of rope and they eventually hang themselves. That's the lesson for today, my Students!

Class dismissed........