Friday, April 21, 2017


As was custom with the Dynamo Festivals, many bands were asked to play a small club the night before their festival appearance.  Nailbomb was no exception.  The Club Hollywood, in Eindhoven, was the chosen launchpad.  A tiny, dark club, that would soon be stuffed with fans who were lucky enough to even get a ticket!  There were more people outside the venue, than were inside, that night!



I really will never forget that brutal show!  When Alex hunched over and started singing Sum of Your Achievements, it was the top of Mt Everest!!  " Everyone knows God Hates," brought me back to our living room and Max recording from the TV.  Feels good to be a punk loser, spilled its rum soaked birth onto the stage.  Even Richie came out, on Cockroaches and I think he was a bit shocked. It was the first stage appearance of his life.  He wasn't on the side any more; he was out front.  When you are 8 years old, the world has a much larger perception to your sponge brain.  You soak it all up, but in a different view than adults have!  I could barely breathe; it was all so heavy.



That show will always be one of the best gigs I ever witnessed.  The vibe was dark and hateful and hilarious, all at the same time!  The fervor of the fans outside, rolled in like a high tide!  Christina, Roxanne and Richie were all with me near the stage.  We could see Dana in the center of the pit and I could feel Igor nesting in me.   We had all witnessed firsthand, the birth to adulthood of this massive force!  Nailbomb in the house!!!

Class dismissed.....