Friday, April 28, 2017


June 3, 1995 was finally here!  I wasn't gonna miss that show for anything!  True, in order to be able to get on the plane, I misinformed the airline about how close I was to Igor being born.   I am not sure about the rules now, but in the '90's, it wasn't recommended for pregnant women tp fly during the last month of the pregnancy.   I guess you could say I had a bit of a waddle.  I also had 2 year old Zyon attached to my hip, and Roxanne, and Richie.  Christina was accompanying Alex.  We were all going to Holland to see Nailbomb!



At the festival site, the press was  hot on the heals of Max and Alex.  For 2 days they had done every top mag in Europe!  This day they only had a press conference, and after it was over, they brought the 120,000+ fans carpeting the countryside far as your eyes could their knees!!





If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a copy of the Live At the Dynamo DVD of Nailbomb's performance, you will see the ruckus, the fans and yours truly, experiencing one of the sickest sets in Metal History.  This is the stuff legends are made of!!

Class dismissed....