Friday, April 14, 2017


Moving along towards the Dynamo Festival, there was much preparation to do. Choosing the musicians, rehearsals, advancing the show details, flights, gear, you name it, it had to be organized. Nailbomb had never played before so every adjustment had to be carved out. This wasn't goofing off in the nanny's bedroom any more. This was a festival with over 100,000 people! It would be the sum of our achievements!

While I was working on the flights, and preparing the rider, Max and Alex were choosing band members. I would be making laminates for the 2 shows and they were reaching out to musicians. Christina was sorting the merch and show details wth me. It was all unfolding nicely. Because the band was a hate project, we laughed a lot! Seriously! It was all about shock and awe! It was a funny kind of hate, actually. We were disturbed; hate was reality!

Max had a list of musicians compiled. It wasn't the easiest thing to do. Some of the tracks were done on drum machine, so we had to find a drummer who could imitate this precision drumming. We settled on Barry Schneider, a drummer from a South African band named Tribe After Tribe. He was very well known for his click track skills. Peligro from the Dead Kennedys and Iggor Cavalera, would both split drumming on the remaining songs. Dave Edwardson from Neurosis would slam the bass; Rhys Fulbar from Front Line Assembly; would man the keyboards, and Scoot from Doom would add some action!

Next I had to collect the info to send in the rider. For those of you who don't know what that is the list of requirements a band has, to perform a show. It is usually the PA, lights and monitors, security, hotels, things like that. And don't forget the catering info! We have always been pretty simple in our catering. We don't ask for stupid things like a bowl of red M&M's, or round bread. We did have some fun with the Nailbomb catering rider, as you can see. After all, we were in Holland.....

Class dismissed......