Friday, April 7, 2017


22 years ago, I worked with Andre Verhuysen to bring a band I manage to the Dynamo Festival in Holland. That band was Nailbomb. We never realized or even dreamt that the record, Point Blank, would march through the ages and stay relevant....but it did. In a few months, Max will bring this classic music to the Tribe. The timing is perfect..war, hate, suffering, sorrow. It's all still here, alive and well.

Recently, I found my Nailbomb file from the time of the festival. The next couple weeks, I will show you the behind the scenes, the growth and the reality of the concept of Nailbomb. Here we start off with my schedule that I prepared for the band. It's funny to read the rider and also the rooming list with our fake names! Christina was my partner then and my partner now. Let's time travel, Students!!

Hate is reality!!!

Class dismissed......