Friday, October 7, 2016


In the early 1990's, I was making pretty heavy tour schedules, and it was nice to be able to move Sepultura into a bus and not do a van tour ever again. I could only get the less expensive buses, but the luxury of having a private bunk, bathroom, tvs and kitchenette, exceeded everything!

Touring on the heels of the Beneath the Remains' Tour, we had a smaller bus with a mural of an Indian Chieftain and horses on the side and rear. The model of the bus was called a Model 10. Our driver was a rousty, hairy biker type man with a no nonsense personality. His name was Bubaloo.

Bubaloo didn't take any shizzle or drunken games on his bus, and we stayed in line when he was around us. When he was gone, it was another story. One day, he went up to Iggor..."I know it was you who drew that dick on the horse!" It was of the crew had ratted Iggor out to Bubaloo. Right before our eyes, we had to painfully watch Iggor scrub away the permanent black marker dick!

The early tours were full of hell raising and boozy nights! We were wild, I admit! In these early years, I would make a tour that lasted at least 3 months. It was always nice to have a day off every now and then, to break up the days. For the last 31 years, every day of my life seems like a Friday!

At the end of this run. our horse drawn chariot parked in Disneyland's lot and we all ran rampant, through the park. The band had never been there before, and the crowds weren't as extensive as they are now. No hour and half lines back then! It was fun letting ourselves go, and forgetting our rough schedules! A stress reliever for sure!!

And, if that doesn't work...You can always hop on a camel!!!

Class dismissed........