Friday, October 21, 2016


This will be the last year of the D-LOW Memorial Show. Max and I made each other a personal pact, a vow, an agreement, and this year it is a reality. There is a dark side to this pact, and for this reason, this conversation we had years ago, will always remain private.

Because of this show, our Tribe has raised thousands of dollars for the Phoenix Children's Hospital's Iggy Diabetes Fund. Believe it or not, many families have benefited from our moshpit!. It has been remarkable, to run into a young adult on the street, in a store, at a show, and get surprised when he says he was part of the program. We took 2 events, Dana's sudden, untimely, death and Igor's onset of juvenile diabetes, and we turned them into something positive. Try can breathe again after crumbling.

Countless local bands and touring bands have graced the stages with Soulfly. Twice, lightening hit and shut the show down and it had to be rescheduled. One of these times, it was just as Dave Vincent was leading his Morbid Angel to kick our asses! I have seen Chino sing to the Heavens and Benji from Dubwar made us cry with his passionate vocals, singing from his soul. The fabulous Sharon Osbourne even let us have a Dana Show at Ozzfest!!

As the years passed and Dana flew higher and farther, his brothers and sisters all grew up....time passed. We learned how to live again. But there is always someone missing. His sisters have children; his brothers have bands. Time passes. I have added them on the last shows, as these concerts aren't just shows, they are personal Phoenix events now. Some people have been to all 20 shows. Fans have become friends. Time passes.

Thank you to all the family and friends who have supported us emotionally, since that fateful day in August, 1996. Thank you to all the fans who gave us their love in the moshpit. Thank you to Fran, April and Kelly of the Iggy Diabetes Fund for putting up with us Metalheads! And thank all of you for the love you show Max, our family and our crew. God bless our Tribe!

Class dismissed...