Friday, October 14, 2016


Recording The Prophecy was a rare experience! Max's creative thinking passed all boundaries, as we flew to Belgrade, Serbia, to add the fingerprints of the past, on his new baby.

Our friends from the Serbian band, Eyesburn, had introduced us to a new producer, Bare, and his home recording sanctuary. A cosy, intimate studio, right across the street from the best chevappe barbecue cafe, ever, was our ground zero. A Serbian Orthodox icon was on the wall, overlooking us all. I knew we were right where we were supposed to be!

Max had an idea to record with gypsies...real gypsies from the streets, not people with gypsy blood, living normal lives. He wanted the real thing! Bare granted Max's wish and asked a troupe from the street to come to the studio. The drummer got caught in some mishap and couldn't make it, but the others did. The song they chose was a song from the World War, The March on the River Drina. The young men spoke in their obscure language and smiled and laughed throughout! The energy coming off them was so positive and strong! When I asked them to sign an agreement for the record label, one of them signed it with an "X!"

Max also wanted some ancient instruments on the record. Coyote, the vocalist and trombone player from Eyesburn, told us his uncle was a professor of instruments from the Middle Ages and Dark Ages, at the university in Belgrade. His name is Ljubomir Dimitrijevic. He brought a wide assortment of instruments. They were made from animal skins, bones, and ancient woods. He played the Kaval (flute), a zurlaj (woodwind), and a gajdej (sheepskin bagpipe). It was amazing these organic items were in such pristine shape!

The final encore was the mystical track, Moses. My daughter, Christina, was awaiting the birth of her son, Moses. We were all family, and waiting for the birth of our second grandson, was an event! Christina had introduced us to the magical Eyesburn, and Coyote, with his extraterrestrial trombone. I cannot find the words to describe this haunting trombone's sound!! Coyote is a master musician and his vocals are addicting! This brilliant track was the ring around our Saturn!!

Students, don't be afraid to take risks. Don't listen to the haters and critics. Art has no boundaries, no expiration date, no code. Max's diverse thinking gave us the uniqueness of Sepultura; the combining of world music with Metal! He added a tribe to his ROOTS!! He gave us the berimbau, never before used in Metal. He combines words whimsically such as Downstroy, Straighthate, Soulfliction and Karmaggedon. He started the world craze of wearing camouflage. He is the only person to play guitar on the bridge of his guitar (You never knew it did you? We call it "crickets."). Max also was the first artist to incorporate the soccer chant in his set! He is the first person to put a Brazilian flag on a guitar. I can go on and on..... Tear down the fences! Don't be afraid to follow your dream!

Class dismissed......