Friday, September 30, 2016


Some years ago, you normally wouldn't find Sepultura with Kip Winger, in America, but in Europe, they mix all types of bands together. I have had my acts on shows with Slayer, Aerosmith and Rage Against the Machine, but also with bands like Sting, David Bowie and yes, Winger! Metalheads love their Metal and will travel to great lengths to see it!

This particular festival, Giants of Rock, was located up in the northern woods of Finland. The day was exceedingly hot and seemed a bit unusual to us. We were expecting a nice cool day in the wilds! Many bands were on the bill, and UDO was one of them. He may have been in Accept at that time, but either way, he was super cool and gave the fans a kickass show!

We spend the day doing press and sweating, mostly. Yes. Winger was friendly too and I admit he did draw a big crowd. Maybe it was mostly screaming girls, but like I say...the more girls, the more guys!

Sepultura played with the sun blasting in their eyes and bullets of sweat pouring onto the stage. Max's eternal water spout did nothing to break the heat. Udo also played in the day and I would imagine so did Winger. The sun never goes completely down!!

While Winger may have disappeared into the pages of music history, UDO is still cranking, as we are too!!! If you ever get a chance to hit up a European festival or two, I highly advise you take a tent. They all have campgrounds at the festival site and some of the sickest merch booths EVER!! You only live once!!!

Class dismissed.....