Friday, September 23, 2016


Day after day, we rocked a new city. Day after day we laughed and conquered. The shows were virtual explosions and the off time was exciting! The package of Sepultura and Sacred Reich was a hot commodity, and the world wanted more!! And we wanted to sample it all!!

In the future, I would hire a catering company to travel with us....Cat and Mouse Catering, but it was on this tour that we met the girls in the UK. They were fun and fit in with our personalities and our diets. Besides, they were damn good cooks and that isn't easy to always find when you are on the road!!

We water gunned our way around the world! Yes, we fell victim to pranks and UNO and other assorted tour trends. We visited castles, abandoned cathedrals, concentration camps and historical landmarks. There was so much to soak up! During these early years, the world was large to me. Now that I have travelled it for 28 years, it's not so big any more. Many of the mysteries, I have seen. The wonders of the world were around us.

It was all about the fans...taking the music to them. I encountered much opposition. The label was wanting new releases and I was wanting to tour and sell the Arise and Beneath the Remains records. I was told to get them off the road; stop going to eastern Europe; stay in the major territories. But that just wasn't my plan. How are you international if you can't play EVERYWHERE? The fan base was my priority. You know what I said to the label? Open some more labels in the countries we are heading to. It was simple. The fans were getting the shows.

You may ask how I knew there were fans tucked in corners of countries newly freed. I did the fan mail!! Yes, fan mail by the bag full came to my house daily. I responded to every single letter and began to build a community that continues to this day. I sat Dana and Christina and any friends they had, down at my table and we blazed through the mail. It was interesting to see where all the letters came from! And now, they come through Facebook, in the way of private messages. I answer every single person and even a few trolls! It's all about the Tribe!

Class dismissed......