Friday, July 1, 2016


2011 was a busy year for us. The CC tour was going strong and we all had our families with us, on our buses. It was great fun for the kids to get to hang with each other! As we made our trek across Europe, with Full Force came into view!!

I have always had a strong affection for everything With Full Force! Joe and Michael are longtime friends. Our ties are much deeper than business! They have been Max supporters as long as forever, and I would say, they are family to us!! We have spent many summers pulling through Leipzig, heading to the grassy fields of With Full Force! Once, our bus was broke and putting on one gear and they saved our spot for us, as we arrived on one broken leg!! Another time when With Full Force was struck by a deadly storm, we shared their pain and grief.

On this particular WFF event, our son, Igor, turned 16. In Germany, he was of legal age to get a Max and I hooked him up when we visited Hamburg, around the time of the festival. Imagine our surprise when he revealed his first inking to us!!! One of those days.... We let him unleash his teen fury at the shows, as he jammed Cockroaches with Cavalera Conspiracy.

I advise every Metalhead on Earth to make this festival a priority on your bucket list!!! You wont regret it! Your only suffering will be that darn sore neck in the morning...but your tent-mate can take care of that! Did I mention it's a camping festival? What could be better???

Class dismissed...