Friday, July 22, 2016


In the early 1990's, I managed several bands. My 2 priorities were Sacred Reich and Sepultura. Sacred and I had been together since 1985 and I met the Seps in 1989. Sacred was well established by then. I had been with them since Jason Rainey stood at the end of the Bootlegger's Bar and told me he had a band. I remember it like it was yesterday. From the first gig they ever did, they were brutal, heavy as shizzle and frikken tight!!

Some of the tours I made overlapped the bands I managed. This particular year, they were both on the Dynamo Festival in Holland and the Rock Hard Festival in Germany. I had enjoyed many kickass years with the Dynamo Festival, including the one festival Nailbomb tore shoulders out of sockets at...

Rock Hard was affiliated with the popular Metal mag, with the same name.......Rock Hard. And the employees there, certainly did love their Metal! They were all wearing jean vests with patches in the '80's! Let's go back and check this shit out!!!

The festivals have grown in number and size and in their professionalism. I admit even the catering is more together!!! The whole world knows about these concerts now, and the US has been adding to this matinee!!! Summer lasts only another month and fall will creep in..... so get your tent, pack the cooler, take your munchies and party like there's no tomorrow!

Class dismissed......