Friday, April 24, 2015


One of the things I get asked quite often was how the heck did I raise all the kids and travel and work at the same time? It wasn't easy! We followed a routine devised to fit our family's lifestyle. We set the boundaries and made it all work.

Igor and Max

The biggest trouble rock families have is where to find a good nanny and how to convince the school to let your child miss more school than the law allows. Trustworthy nannies are difficult to find. Everyone I knew who had children at home and on the road was always looking for a new nanny. The biggest problem is many are fans. Fans do not make good nannies as they tend to be interested in the music and people around them, instead of the children. I was fortunate to have a wonderful nanny and house manager for 13 years! She was a blessing and I was grateful for every day she was with us.

We even got the school to let the kids miss more days than is allowed. Once they realized we actually took the kids to museums, castles, zoos, and yes..even bull fights and concentration camps...they let the kids go. The teachers agreed our children learned more about the world being on the road than they could ever learn in school.

Jason sleeping and playing a game in his the same time!

upstairs in the bus' sleeping area

When they kids were school age, we always got a bus for our family. We never wanted any family fights, arguments about staying up late, or food fights to get in other's space. Contrary to some reports, our family is normal, with normal situations and some you may consider abnormal! We like to keep it private. Our extended family is around the world, too! We brought several of the best friends, boy friends, girl friends and nannies around the world with us too.

Igor and Zyon


Committing to being a family isn't always a party, but we tried! Skateboarding the Dom in Koln, razor scooters (wasn't the entire world on a razor for a while?), beanie baby shopping with the Osbourne kids, soccer matches with Rage Against the Machine and Everlast, seeing the Siberian tundra fly outside the frosted Transsiberian Railway window, and we even enjoyed a South African safari....yes, we tried it all! Don't think for a second that I let them slide on homework or reading! They always had journals going for their homework, and books in the bunks. Photography was a big pastime, as well as Picture Time....but thats another blog....



And what are they doing now.......

Lody Kong killing it!!

Jason (Scone) sighting...

Class dismissed.......