Friday, April 17, 2015


I have had a warehouse near Sky Harbor Airport in south Phoenix for nearly 30 years. It started with Sacred Reich, then Sepultura, Soulfly, Incite. and Lody Kong. You could squeeze Flotsam and Jetsam in there as they were inhabitants for many years also.

Max , Mikey, and Joe

The funniest thing that ever happened there was during the time Sepultura kept 2 warehouses. One day, a fire started in a neighboring space and the police and firetrucks swarmed in. When the fire was put out, everyone realized it was a marijuana grow room! There was a casualty, sorry to inform you all! The mummy from the Sep's Chaos AD Tour backdrop was severely burned, wiping him out of his blooming career.

After the Seps took off for parts unknown, Soulfly moved in and has been there ever since. The far corners are piled high with cabs and guitar cases. The tribal Sepultura S still peaking out from cabinets long rolled back; old posters on the wall, couches and rehearsal place intact. A couple years ago, we found many old backdrops stashed above the bathroom...maybe you already heard the noise??

Jeff (front of house)

Rat (technician), and Christina (head of production)

Many records have been arranged here, many photo shoots taken place and many children have grown up in the jungle gym of musical notes and gear. One day, all that remains will be a memory, stories of a legend, music trivia for one and all who chooses to search. If you are lucky, maybe one day you will get your hands on something from this Metal confine!!

Class dismissed....