Friday, April 10, 2015


It's not all work, when you record. We were very lucky to stay at the Malibu Beach Inn for 6 weeks, during the recording. Waking up to the ocean and dolphins jumping carelessly has a great impact on your vibe! Many photo shots and long walks took place on that glorious Malibu coastline!


Malibu boardwalk

Malibu boardwalk

Lucio, Igor, Max, and Marcelo

Lucio, Igor, Max, and Marcelo

Our family was our companion during that healing time of Soulfly 1's creation. We made several trips back and forth between Phoenix and LAX, ending in the drive up Sunset Boulevard to the Pacific Coast Highway. The beach's restaurants and shops became our real-life fantasies, as we tried to make sense of Life and get back in the normal swing of things. What better aura than the renewal of crashing waves and seagulls gliding above? Every minute off was spent exploring.

Igor and Richie

Igor and Zyon

Zyon and Rox


The Fam

The result was the birth of Soulfly, nearly 20 years ago now! Timeless music for all ages to enjoy. Lyrics that would inspire the masses; music that would bring out your emotions to a raw point; future pits that would release the energy for all time! This was the creation of Soulfly!!!


Class dismissed....