Friday, May 1, 2015


With the release of the latest CC record, Babylonian Pandemonium, last October, I had to make a tour plan to get the music to the fans. The result is the current package crushing across the States for your moshing enjoyment, Cavalera Conspiracy, Death Angel, COC Blind, and Lody Kong. After 3 weeks together, I can truly say we have become a band of brothers...with 2 sisters...Aggy and me!

You may see our train of buses and COC's Bandwagon, zooming down the highway. The buses and trailers are canvases for the many talented dust drawers we run into at every show! What is it that makes dudes draw men's hang-downs everywhere?? Who do I ask for an honest answer?

CC Bus

Death Angel's bus

COC BLIND Bandwagon

Trailer of Art!
The night starts out with the Lody's 25 minute blast. Damn, I love my Lody Kong. They have grown before my eyes in the last years. Its not easy to develop a band, but I have been fortunate to have....and utilize... the platform to be able to do so. The Art of Touring 101, build a tour and put your new band on it. There is a lot to learn, stage presence, bus etiquette, merch sales, people to meet, dressing room behavior, it's not all fun! It is another life, being on the road, and there are unwritten laws. The best place to learn them....from the road itself!

Lody Kong

Aggy and Igor

Tour food...a necessity... pizza!!!
COC Blind is up next. They perform the Blind record from start to finish and end with Rather See You Die ripping from the lungs of the crowd. This is Southern Hospitality by Karl Angell on vocals and Reed Mullen on drums from the original lineup who recorded Blind. COC is a band that survived by morphing into many artistic appendages. And...these dudes are fun!!!

COC Blind

COC Blind
The Bay Area band, Death Angel, rocks the planet next! They haven't lost an ounce of vigor and truly kick the crowd's ass the entire set! "Tha Kid" Mark Osegueda is like a hopped up cheetah on Red Bull, pouncing across the stage and drawing everyone into him. A Metal legend, what more can I say? Still humble and enjoying the Metal world!

Kevin with Death Angel Crew

Scone sighting...

Ted from Death Angel

Death Angel crowd

Death Angel pirates treasure chest...
Cavalera Conspiracy, what can I say? Brut force from 32 years of music built up inside, layer after layer of hits! A treat for the "I need the reunion" people, the Cavalera people, the new fans, the Tribe! Max fronting the stage, Iggor's Hammer of Thor arms pounding behind him. Flanking is Marc Rizzo, the BEST guitarist on the planet, and bassist, friend and badasss, Johny Chow. The final countdown.

CC guitars

Max's rack

Kenny and Scone do Denver

CC closes the night
Only a week left and I have to say this is one of the coolest tours I have been on in a while. Never laughed so much, and felt so safe! We were all excited before we left home and everything we hoped for was true. Unity through music and lifestyle..can't beat it!
See you in the pit!

Me...self portrait
Class dismissed....