Friday, May 23, 2014


Many of you know the Killer Be Killed cd has just come out!! I don't usually repost but thought you may like to see the blog I made a year and half ago about the roots of KBK. January 10th of 2013, we were all getting together and rehearsing in Long Beach. There was excitement swirling around us every time we all got together. With the addition of Troy Sanders, the complete circle was connected.

In September 2013, we connected again in LA, this time joining forces with Josh Wilbur to record. The build-up to this moment was like walking up a mountain and finally reaching the top! Smiles and music filled each moment of every day. I would sit in the lounge with Kendog, working and hear the cake baking in the chambers behind the wooden doors!!
Me and Josh Wilbur
I took up the task of cooking the meals for the guys. There was a complete kitchen and not many places to eat around the studio. Every day I would plan a menu that was healthy and not heavy, to weigh the guys down. It was fun to see them come out of the room starving and see my creations on the kitchen island.

Lunch by Me!!
Monte Conner, Ryan Downey and Nick John joined in some days and they were also enjoying the freedom of not having to order take-out or starving all day. We walked through this KBK garden together and I would like to thank everyone for allowing me to be a part of this creation!!!
Me, Josh, and Killer Be Killed!

Enjoy the following.....the roots of KBK!!
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