Thursday, May 15, 2014


Raising a family of 7 children, managing crisis' and many bands, was not easy, believe me! To this day I never sleep over 5 hours a night. In the years that the children were babies, my dearest friend-whose name I will protect because she is a very private person-was my support. In all ways she was my confidant and I can truly say I could not have accomplished the task of keeping the family united and our home sturdy without her.

When the boys grew up, it was another story. My friend was busy with many things in our home and the boys needed a man to show them the ropes. I hired one of Dana's friends named Joey Nugent to help with them when the time came for them to morph from children to young boys and eventually teenagers.

Joey and Igor's preschool class...

Joey and Igor with his bird

Joey was an eccentric! He was funny, creative, sporty and loyal. He learned Igor's diabetic needs and cared for all the things a woman could not...boy things. He travelled with them and shared their love of music, which was silently growing inside them from birth. Yes, they inherited Max's musical talent and my management and thinking skills. Sports, books and music all flowed from them! I admit they cuss and have a funny dark humor from my Father...put this together and you have our family life! Dad cussed and joked 24/7 and it seeped into them in my womb!

Igor and Joey

As they got older and Joey got more creative, he was involved in bands that were far ahead of the time. FKR and the Walnuts.....Joey was a marketing genius!! Once even the police facebooked him that he was putting too many stickers and fliers around Arizona and they were going to take him out for it! You couldn't go through a drive-through or stop at a stop sign in the state without seeing some sort of advertising attached.

Joey and Zyon on the drum machine

His concerts were erratic and you spent most of the time oohing and ahhhing at the shocking set and the antics on stage! The kids were soaking this all up and also at home watching and cataloging in their memory. When it was time for Joey to move on and the boys grew up, I didn't realize at the time what they would carry on from him! Bravery to try new things and fearlessness to present it to the public... It was first exhibited in Moldbreaker and then in Lody Kong. People still cannot put a name on their music!! I was also surprised at the evolution of their art and realized quickly that it was a new form of music, not Metal!!

When Joey approached them to make a video, we all knew not to expect the normal performance video. After 3 months and various shooting sessions, "Monkeys Always Look" came out and it was just what I expected...revolutionary!! Far into the future, with a black twist of is a video beyond videos. Many times Max has remarked that he is a bit envious of their video achievements. I am now holding the new Some Pulp video which will be released in the womb of their new recording and trust me, you will not be disappointed!! Check out The Butter Lab and you will meet the mind of our personal Mary Poppins!! Yes, the Sound of Music always filled our home...but with a bit of a twist...


Class dismissed....