Friday, May 2, 2014


After Igor was born in July of 1995, Max and I took a couple months off and enjoyed our family and home life, in Phoenix. The touring for Chaos was quite extensive and the rest of Sepultura returned to Brazil. Iggor was getting married on the day our Igor was born, so consequently, Max didn't attend the wedding. Max, of course, never stops writing and during this time,he wrote most of the ROOTS record. (yes, people, we have the 4 track tapes, so please, no comments about who wrote what....). This didn't stop us from having fun, though!! We worked all the time and it was normal for us. No vacations from art in this home!
Dana holding Igor

Me and max, with Zyon and Igor
One night, we heard Rage Against the Machine was playing at a club called The Grind, so we rustled up our friends, Mark Corona and Mouse (our designated driver); grabbed Dana and headed out.
I admit we all drank a bit too much and had too much fun. When I took my shoes off and threw them at the bartender for not serving Max any more, we were kindly asked to leave.

We were laughing our butts off, crossing the street to our car, when a car pulled up next to us and began yelling insults and obscenities at us. We all gave them a big "F#$%@ You" and kept walking to our car. We must have looked a sight...I was wearing a Dead Horse shirt with cut-off sleeves, short-ass jean shorts and fishnet stockings-which were ripped from wearing no shoes.. The back of the shirt said SATAN KISSED MY DOG. Oh yeah, let's not forget the green hair topping this all off!

After our shout out, we were shocked to see the small car flip a u-turn and pull up next to Dana, in the middle of the cross walk. We could see the car was full of jocks. Dana bent down and said "whats up?" In no time at all, the passenger got out with a metal bar and whacked Dana in the elbow, knocking him to the ground! I screamed and Mark went to his aid. Mark got the bar on the middle of his head, knocking him down! Max who was helping also, got the whack of the bar across the middle of his back, flattening him to the ground. I was standing screaming and next someone in the car fired a gun, but luckily, the bullet went into a parked car. The jocks flipped a u-ey and took off.

Max got to his feet and picked up a brick that was conveniently in the median and heaved it at the car. As luck would have it, the brick hit ANOTHER car of jocks in a convertible, that had just turned onto the street. The cars stops and the driver starts yelling. Max, full of adrenalin, punched the dude in the face! It was getting majorly out of control!!

Sirens wailing, the police flew around the corner and soon we were all in separate squad cars, being verbally battered by the police. We all tried to tell them they had let the culprits go, but it took at least and hour and a half before they believed us. They never called an ambulance for the guy's injuries. They were all badly injured.

The officer came to me and said he was letting me go and that Max was going to be deported. Max had no US passport at the time and the officer was just verbally abusing me, most likely, since he wasn't a judge and had no idea what would happen to Max. I promised I would not do anything crazy and they let me out. I promptly shoved the cop, once I was freed and tried to run to Max's car. I wanted to say "call me!" I didn't anticipate being body slammed and thrown in the police car with Max, but that is what happened next!

A night spent in jail, in the women's section, was not much fun. Crazy girls cat-fighting with each other seemed normal there. The poise gawked at me throughout the night, because of my hair. I woke up once on a slab of metal, with a chick hugging me. One chick, looking at my appearance, asked if I was a Satanist!!

When court came up for bail, I was handed jail attire because "the judge was not going to like my appearance." Max was freed first and I was freed several hours later.
We went home and grabbed Dana and Mark and went to the doctor. Max had a bar imprint on his back. Mark's head was the size of a watermelon and Dana could not bend his super swollen elbow.
Mark and Dana and friends 
Max and Mark
Court came and no charges were filed against Max. I had a charge of hitting an officer. Yes, I arrived in full blown glorious green hair. The prosecutor tried to give me 30 days in jail. The kind judge asked me to approach the bench. I was a tiny thing in those days and he asked "You hit an officer in uniform?" "Yes," I replied. "Why?" " I was mad at how my husband was threatened!" "NO jail time and $100 fine!" The gavel cracked loudly and we walked out. I guess he liked my honesty, but I really don't know.

In a few months the Attitude video was shot. Dana can be seen swinging a backpack at a jock at around 3:40 - 3:43 . Now you know why...

Class dismissed.....