Thursday, January 10, 2013

How we made a band...

A bit of Metal History, a bit of modern Metal History. Let's talk about how we made a band. I call them the Namelous because they don't have a name for the project, or it's been called the Max/Greg project.  


During the recording of Soulfly's Omen in LA, Max was invited to sing Head Up with the Deftones at a benefit for Chi. After the show, as we were exiting, Max ran in to Greg Puciato of Dillinger Escape Plan. One thing lead to another, and soon Greg was in the studio recording Rise Of The Fallen with Soulfly.  

We stayed in touch, and got to be good friends with Greg. He came out to Phoenix and did a guest appearance at the D-Low Show one year, ripping the Marquee Theatre open!! Max and Greg decided to do record together, a brutal masterpiece similar to a Nailbomb part II. It was only natural.  

Greg cruised to Phoenix and we set up a savage camp at our mountain house, free of distractions with only Metal vibrations in the air. The desert was the rehearsal room with giant saguaros standing ground.  

The riffs shot out like bullets, and in not time they had 15 tracks of music. Next, we shifted our launch pad to huntington Beach, where Greg had access to a small jampad. Dave Elitch, former touring drummer for Mars Volta, offered us his skills and soon, the primitive riffs had found a brother, a massive drum sound. 


Troy Sanders from Mastodon, had an interest in the band having been long time friends with Dave Elitch, and it turned out to be the perfect fit!  Now with a sick bass player, the band was complete.  


This week, we all gathered together in California to tighten the screws and throw down some vocals on the music. ''We have to zero in on a name, and I am forever digging in the mountain called the music industry for a really amazing record contract.  

It's all coming together nicely and by the end of the New Year, I am hoping to proudly present all of you with the sickest CD this side of Mars!!

Class dismissed......